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Beauty Salons near you
Beauty salons have been long used for providing a variety of different cosmetic services to clients—but with the continuous evolution of the beauty industry, traditional beauty salons have branched off into more specialized subtypes of establishments centered around particular categories of treatments. Want more info on the best beauty salons near you? Select the right salon for yourself with the help of our beauty salon guide, then use the Booksy app to make an appointment at a beauty salon in your area!

Hair salons

Whether you’re wanting to get a simple trim or a dramatic color change or something in between, the best place to look for hair care treatments is none other than a hair salon. Cut and color treatments are the bread and butter of hair salons across the globe, but apart from standard coloring, highlights, and haircuts, you’ll also find that most hair salons offer services like blowouts, deep conditioning, hot oil and keratin treatments, extensions, perms, and styling. Refresh your tresses by browsing your options in the hair salon category, which will lead you to hair-focused beauty salons nearby.


Similar to hair salons, barbershops likewise specialize in hair cutting and coloring services, with the difference being that barbers are typically trained to cut shorter hairstyles which are usually tailored to boys and men. A barbershop is the perfect place to go to get a haircut or a hair coloring service—but also a whole lot more! For instance, beard shaping, beard dye, shaves, and even skincare services are just a few of the treatment types you might find at your local barbershop. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, you can discover this variety of beauty salons open nearby within the barbershop category.

Hair removal/waxing

A full head of thick hair is no doubt desirable, but for many people, hair on other parts of the body can become a nuisance—so if you’re ready to throw out your razor and find a beauty parlor nearby with treatments that’ll help you get rid of unwanted hair, check out the available listings within hair removal services. Though waxing is probably the most well-known treatment type in this category, there are other popular hair removal techniques that you can also book including sugaring, laser hair removal, and electrolysis for the body and threading and tweezing for the face.


Spruce up the health of your nails with a comprehensive manicure or boost your nail game with some one-of-a-kind designs—all of it is possible at the nail salon! Instead of searching for “beauty salons near me” to find the best nail treatments, see what’s in store for you within the nail category on Booksy. Nail services you’ll be able to book are the classic manicure and pedicure services as well as more contemporary nail manicure and false nail techniques like acrylic nails, gel nails, dip powder nails, and Shellac. At some nail salons, you may even find additional services like paraffin treatments, which support the health of the hands and nails.

Facials and skincare treatments

Fresh and radiant skin is only a click away! A quick browse through this category will reveal a whole world of skincare treatments for any skin type imaginable or any sort of issue you may be looking to target. For an all-encompassing multi-step treatment, you may opt for something like a facial, whereas a chemical peel might be a great choice to combat texture irregularities or signs of aging. Other notable treatments include microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, and laser skin resurfacing—there’s something available for everyone when working with a professional beautician, esthetician, or cosmetologist.
Facials and skincare treatments


Looking for the ultimate relaxing and rejuvenating experience for the mind and body? There’s no better option than getting a massage. Massage services involve manipulating the body’s tissues through kneading and stroking techniques, providing in return, several therapeutic benefits. Massage modalities are extremely diverse, with some of the most common styles being Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu, deep tissue, trigger point, aromatherapy, hot stone, and sports massages. To view massage-based beauty salons open nearby, take a look at the massage category and its available services.

Eyebrows & Lashes

Though seemingly minimal aspects of the body, the brows and lashes are attributes that can have a standout effect on your overall look—hence the constant emergence of new eyebrow and eyelash treatments on the beauty market. Eyebrow treatments can range from anything from shaping to tinting and even services like microblading and brow lamination. Whereas for the eyelashes, some of the most beloved treatment types include lash tinting, lash lifts, and eyelash extensions. So if you’re looking for a specialist or beautician nearby whose craft revolves around brows and lashes, you’ll find just what you’re looking for here.

Makeup artists

If you need help executing the perfect makeup look, a makeup artist is exactly who you’ll want to turn to. Essentially, makeup artists use their client’s skin as a canvas—these professionals are experts trained in cosmetic application techniques and products. Makeup artists have the expertise to create a variety of looks, and some even specialize in techniques like airbrushing, special effects makeup, bridal makeup, or theatrical makeup. Don’t waste time stumbling into walk-in beauty salons in hopes of an available appointment, easily book with makeup artists near you on Booksy.

Spa salons

The ultimate, well-rounded health, beauty, and wellness destination is a trip to the spa! Spas and their service menus can greatly vary from business to business, but in any case, you’re likely to find a diversified range of treatment choices that you can indulge in. Where some spas may focus more on solely providing nourishing face and body treatments like facials, face masks, scrubs, and body wraps, other spas may offer additional amenities like pools, jacuzzies, saunas, and steam rooms. See your options for spa-centric beauty salons open now and get ready for a fully relaxing experience.
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