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7 Haircuts For A Receding Hairline

7 Haircuts For A Receding Hairline

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Changing hair over the years can make it feel like time is not in our corner. Your hair isn’t as thick and full as it used to be. You’ve been watching it dwindle down over the years—no longer allowing you to sport your favorite hairstyle or one that’s been your trusty go-to.

The obvious option would be to shave it all off. But if that’s what’s anticipated in the future anyway, what would be the point of a premature goodbye? If you’re not ready to embrace your receding hairline, you’ll be glad to hear that there are plenty of haircuts that you can pull off and still look great in. Here’s our top seven: 

Buzz cut

A step down from taking it all off, a buzz cut is very forgiving when it comes to concealing a receding hairline. With the hair all buzzed down to a uniform length, it’ll bring less attention to a drawn-back hairline and more to your facial features. You can also play around with length here. Though a buzz cut will always be short, how short you go is up to you.

Faux hawk

Hair loss often begins at the temples, so getting a haircut that focuses away from that area is ideal. Cue the faux hawk. Leaving the hair that’s on top long while keeping the back and sides trimmed allows the focal point to become the center of the hairline. This gives off the illusion of longer and fuller locks.

Slicked back

Finding the right haircut for a balding crown isn’t as difficult as it seems. If your hair is currently medium length or on the longer side, meaning you have more than a little hair to style, try slicking the top all the way back.

Comb over

The comb over hasn’t necessarily had the best connotation name-wise over the years. But when executed correctly, it prevails over many other haircuts for balding men or those with a receding hairline. Forming a side part and combing the majority of your hair over to one side tricks the eyes and does a good job at producing extra coverage for thinning spots.

High fade

Leaving your hair a bit longer on top and including a high fade can optically offset attention from your balding zones. If you prefer a textured style, you can add some wax or pomade to the top portion. Or if you’re good at growing out your facial hair, try out a bald fade with a beard.

Longer hairstyle

Not every man will be able to pull this one off, but if your hairline has just started receding or your hair is relatively thick, this one may just do the trick. Longer hair has the power to hide a receding hairline, especially at the temples. It can be brushed more to one side or styled accordingly to fill in any gap areas.

Short and layered

Layers can be the key to disguising a receding hairline that’s slowly being pushed back. Keeping your hair short and asking your barber to cut some layers on the top and leave some extra length in the front can result in a perfectly messy look that’s not too high maintenance (and effectively hides the hairline).


When it comes to haircuts for balding, it just takes finding the perfect fit for you. Whether you’ve already decided on a style or would prefer a professional’s input, you can use Booksy to schedule an appointment to a barbershop near you.