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Grooming and Wellness Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Grooming and Wellness Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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Stop and give yourself a few seconds to think about the man in your life, who deserves a little recognition this Father’s Day.

Regardless of whether he’s your father, spouse, brother, or friend, deciding what to buy him for a gift this year is probably a little tough. But if he’s important to you, now’s your chance to put a smile on his face, even if it seems impossible to find the right gift for him.

To help, we’ve created this short list of gift ideas, unless you’re completely committed to buying him cargo shorts—like everyone else. Keep in mind that our Father’s Day gift ideas will help you give him something he’ll actually want to use, while showing that you care.

book nowFoam Rollers

Think out-of-the-box this year and buy a foam roller. They can help alleviate muscular pain by increasing blood flow and oxygen, while reducing muscle knots and tightness. This is a perfect gift for someone who has recently suffered an injury and needs to rehabilitate. 

It’s also great for warming-up before an at-home exercise, and it’ll help with cooling down, after a quick workout. Just like stretching, foam rollers help increase muscle flexibility. 

Foam rollers are available via Amazon, Target, and most sporting goods stores. Although they come in a wide range of different prices, most foam rollers cost between $20 to $50. And they’re made for beginners or advanced users to maximize comfort and efficiency.

Reusable Face Masks

Major athletic wear companies are designing more breathable masks for runners, joggers, weight lifters, and virtually anyone who is active but still wants to follow health and safety guidelines by wearing a mask in public places. 

Under Armour released a mask that sold out in hours. Other popular companies like Adidas have created their own breathable face masks for playing sports and exercising, which makes this another great gift idea, especially if the man you’re buying a gift for is physically active. 

There are also face masks for guys who spend more time watching sports than playing them. And these masks advertise sports teams. All of these reusable masks are machine washable, which makes them another great Father’s Day gift that you can purchase while there’s still time. 

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book nowBeard Grooming, Shaving, and Skincare 

While buying him a shaving kit or a skincare set may not seem very inventive—trust us. Because for most guys, there’s nothing better than receiving just the right grooming kit that will be useful for the next few weeks. 

Shaving kits are a great option, and there’s a host of different sets to choose from for a perfect Father’s Day gift. Harry’s offers a high-end blade that can be engraved for an extra $15. Their shaving kit also comes with three blades and shaving cream.

For a higher-maintenance man or someone who might benefit from enhancing their skincare routine, try the skincare kit that Lumin created. It comes with a moisturizing balm, charcoal cleanser, dark circle defense, an exfoliating rub, an anti-wrinkle serum, and recovery oil.

If neither of those options is a good fit, check out this beard grooming kit from Bevel. Their Beard Gang Bundle can help a man truly take care of his beard. This kit comes with the three most essential beard grooming products: a beard softener, beard oil, and beard balm.

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Adjustable Dumbbells

Although this gift is a little on the pricier side, a set of adjustable dumbbells is a great gift to encourage wellness. It will also help make sure the guy you’re buying a gift for can get some gains this year, especially while we’re all remaining in our homes as much as possible. 

And since a truly adequate home gym can be a tough gift to pull off, buying a set of adjustable dumbbells is a great solution. They take up very little space, and most adjustable dumbbells can fit comfortably on the floor of a closet, which is another bonus.

Rest assured, that if you don’t feel like leaving your home, adjustable dumbbells can be purchased online via Amazon. But make sure you order dumbbells with a no-slip grip, as you don’t want this Father’s Day gift idea to damage any floors.

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eGift Cards via Booksy

Support your local barbers and groomers, while making sure to invest in a Father’s Day gift that he actually needs and will use. Men rarely get to have someone truly pamper them, so go all-out this Father’s Day with a Booky eGift Card and give a grooming package. 

Many of our grooming experts specialize in packages that include a haircut, beard grooming, a black mask treatment, and a hot towel shave in one relaxing session. Click to review some of the Booksy grooming experts in your area, and take note of the services they offer.

Purchasing the eGift Card is easy. Simply open the Booksy profile of the grooming expert and look for the ‘SHOP’ tab. Choose from the eGift Card options that the service provider is currently offering for purchase. And send that eGift Card to him directly via email.

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