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What’s New in Fall Hair?

What’s New in Fall Hair?

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We blinked, and just like that, we say farewell to the summer sun, and welcome cooler temps, crunching fall leaves and PSLs (sorry, we had to)!

As we swap our tanks for cardigans and shift to a darker nail color palette, what’s the move for our locks? Summer is a hair free-for-all, allowing us to embrace beachy waves, experiment with lemon juice, and let the sun brighten our hair.

Moving into colder months, our outlook changes. What color, cut and style is going to carry us through the colder months? How can we keep our hair looking healthy, trendy, and fabulous? We’re here to deliver the hottest hair trends for autumn. After this post, you’ll know exactly what’s new in fall hair. From cut to color to style, we’ve got you covered. 

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New Haircuts

Thinking of making a splash with a new cut before the season hits? Completely out of inspiration? Don’t fret—here are three options that’ll go perfectly with fall (and your new boots).

The 90’s Bob

Like with most trends, this one is kind of a blast from the past. For instance, the 90’s bob is really a 60’s bob, just with some grunge mixed in. Fall may mean back to the office, (or Zoom for some of us). It definitely means back to school, and maybe you’re even breaking out the beanies. As life gets busier, you’re looking for a casual, low maintenance style that looks great just rolling out of bed. This new fall hair trend is for you, especially if it’s new to you!

Example of 90s bob

woman in white scoop neck with a 90's bob

woman with a 90's bob.

Fringe For All

Fringe is just a fancy industry word for bangs. The great thing about fringe is it can be totally tailored to you and your style. Curtain bangs made their debut earlier this year, and they’re certainly not going anywhere as we head into fall. Rocking the fringe look is a statement, and is versatile, in that it looks great whether hair is pulled up or down. Looking for inspiration? Chances are your favorite celebs have rocked a fringe at some point in their lives.

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New Hair Colors

Maybe scissors aren’t what you’re gearing towards. Maybe instead you’re going to your hairstylist or barber and asking them for an entirely new color. So if you’re ready to know what’s new in fall hair color, read on.

Rose Blonde

Autumn comes with its own color palette. For examples, muted and matte dark colors like brown, plum, and orange take center stage. However, it can be easy to blend into the fall environment and feel a little blah.

Lucky for you, a fall hair trend that has gained traction over the summer is a rosy shade of pink! We’ve been through the many shades of pink in our days, everywhere from Avril Lavigne to Gigi Hadid, Rhianna, Ciara, and Katy Perry. But don’t think brights and neons. For the 20221 fall season, we’re shooting for more of a peachy, rose, pastel-y pink. 

Example of pastel pink hair

Platinum Status

Thanks to influential celebs, the platinum moves are very much here for what’s new in fall hair trends. After last year’s lacking social events, people are ready to turn heads as they walk out of the salon. And there’s no better way to do it than with a stunning platinum dye job. While platinum is technically in the neutral color palette, it may as well be its own color category. 

Example of platinum hair

Pumpkin Spice Latte

No, it doesn’t just stop at the drink now! This is a fun one and particularly newer for this year, especially if you can’t get enough of the taste. Anything in the camp of auburn, copper, and cinnamon is coming in hot to match the colors of the season. In response, why not go for the dye version? Plus, this color isn’t too light of a move for a brunette, and not too far from home as a blonde. And if you’re a redhead, these highlighted colors will compliment your natural hair gorgeously. 

Example of copper hair

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Hair Styles

Time to put away the scissors and close Instagram’s #haircolor page. Now, it’s time to talk about what to do with your new hair once you’ve got it! So, what’s new in fall hair styles? Let’s find out.

Damp Is In

No more feeling rushed or lazy when you leave the house with wet hair. Believe it or not, this style is becoming extremely sought after, and brings any look from bland to bling. The secret to mastering a perfect damp look? It’s in the products you use to keep that wet style in tact. Ask your Booksy stylist about the best products for your hair type to achieve this look. 

Wet hair look

Casual Chic

Remember when we talked about the vicious back to school/back to work combo? Hopefully this will come as a pleasant surprise to you: Low maintenance and casual hair is trending for the fall 2021 season!

Taking a curling iron to your tips for 5 minutes max gives you a laid back, yet slightly styled, look to get you through the day. Even just running your favorite frizz-defying product through your hair post-shower (or post workout!) can give you a natural fling with such little effort. 

Natural hair example

Fall is right around the corner. Be ready with your appointment booked in advance! Booksy makes it easy when you see real time availability for pros near you. When it comes to our list of what’s new in fall hair, what style will you rock?

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