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    Solar Power Health

    20.8 mi 81 Glendale Way, T4C 1H9, Cochrane

    Astrology Session

    This is a one hour reading to explore many facets of Astrology. From simply exploring your Natal Chart and Transits. To going deep into the psyche, health, relationships, childhood or any other places you would like me to guide you through. Medical, Past Life, Draconic, Psychological, Guided, Shamanic, Centaur and Trauma Healing, What's Coming Up, a blend of them all, or customized.

    Synastry Reading for Couples

    This session can be online or in person. You and your partner, lover, BFF, or whoever you'd like. We go through your charts to look at your past stories, how you are both programmed, and to laugh with eachother. An effective way to have counseling, a date, or just some fun.

    Group Astrology Reading


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