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SNS Dipping System

Dip Powder Sets Natural Set(SNS)

40m $35.00 Book now

Dip Powder Sets With/ Short Tips Only(SNS)

1h $40.00 Book now

Dip Powder Natural...French..(SNS)

1h 20m $45.00 Book now

Dip Natural Set.. French..(SNS) with tip

1h 20m $50.00 Book now

Full Sets (Acrylic)

Overlay w/o Tips (Acrylic)

1h 20m $35.00 Book now

Short Set with Tips (Acrylic)

1h 20m $40.00 Book now

Medium Fullset (Acylic)

1h 30m $45.00 Book now

Long Fullset (Acrylic)

2h $55.00 Book now

Extra Long Full Set of Acrylic

1h 45m $65.00 Book now

Ombre Pink & White Set

2h $55.00 Book now

Ombre Full set (Color)

1h 30m $60.00 Book now

Short Color full Set

1h 30m $35.00 Book now

Medium Color full Set

1h 30m $45.00 Book now

Long Color Full Set

1h 30m $55.00 Book now

Add On

Big Toe Fills/ 2 Toes w/o polish

30m $6.00 Book now

Big Toe Acrylic/ 2 Toes

30m $10.00 Book now

Big Toe/ fill in with polish change

40m $16.00 Book now

Coffin/ Stiletto Shape( Reshape)

Add on

20m $10.00 Book now

Rhinestones Full Finger/Toe

30m $10.00 Book now

1/2 Junk Nail

30m $5.00 Book now

Rhinestones Per Finger/ Toe

30m $8.00 Book now

Gel Soak Off/SNS

30m $5.00 Book now

Gel (Add On)

20m $10.00 Book now

Nail Art (2)

15m $5.00 Book now

Chrome (Add on)...(All)..

30m $15.00 Book now

Chrome Add on(2)

15m $6.00 Book now

Foils (2 ) Nails

10m $8.00 Book now

Glitter Gel (Add on) 10 Nails

30m $25.00 Book now

Glitter Gel (Add On) each nail

30m $2.50 Book now

Nail Repair/ Replacement per Nail

30m $3.00 Book now

Acrylic Take off/ Soak off

40m $10.00 Book now

Natural Nails

Nail cut down/ Nail File down

15m $5.00 Book now

Nail Reshape & Polish Change

30m $10.00 Book now

Manicure/ Regular Polish

45m $12.00 Book now

Nail Reshape & Polish Change (Gel)

40m $20.00 Book now

Gel Manicure

45m $25.00 Book now

🌺Tue & Wed Special (Gel Natural Nails Only🌺

30m $15.00 Book now

Kids Menu

Kids Polish

10m $5.00 Book now

Kids gel Polish

30m $10.00 Book now

Kids Pedicure

30m $15.00 Book now

Kids SNS

40m $15.00 Book now

Kids Design

10m $3.00 Book now

Fill Ins

Fill In/ Gel Polish

1h $25.00 Book now


Men Manicure/ Regular

30m $12.00 Book now

Man Manicure/ Buff

45m $15.00 Book now

Men Pedicure

1h 20m $25.00 Book now

Men Pedicure/ Buff

1h 25m $28.00 Book now


Express Pedicure

50m $20.00 Book now

Deluxe Pedicure

1h 10m $28.00 Book now

Gel Pedicure

1h $35.00 Book now

Jelly Pedi

1h 20m $50.00 Book now

Manicure & Pedicure Combos

Manicure & Pedicure

1h 30m $30.00 Book now

Gel Manicure &( Express )Pedicure

1h 45m $45.00 Book now

SNS &( Express) Pedicure

1h 30m $55.00 Book now

Gel Manicure & Gel (Express )Pedicure

2h $60.00 Book now


Gel Polish Tues & Wed Only 🌺Natural Nails

30m $15.00 Book now


Natural Look S/M/L

30m $25.00 Book now

Dramatic Lashes S/M/L (Full)

1h $45.00 Book now

🌻Waxing 🌻

Eye Brows

20m $8.00 Book now


30m $12.00 Book now


15m $6.00 Book now

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  1. Santrean avatar

    Santrean A.

    Efficient, clean and professional. I got a gel Pedicure.

  2. Rona avatar

    Rona B.

    Excellent Service and great attention to detail! Barbie does a great job on my nails every visit. I never leave unhappy!

  3. Angela avatar

    Angela G.

    Excellent service!

  4. Karmen avatar

    Karmen B.


  5. Yolanda avatar

    Yolanda p.

    Very calm and relaxing atmosphere. Barbie did an excellent job on my nails and feet. I’m glad I started going to her. Satisfied customer for life.🤩

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