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Controlled fitness
13340 Preston road, Dallas, 75240
19 reviews

Controlled fitness

13340 Preston road, Dallas, 75240


    • Personal training


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19 reviews
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Carly C…

Feb 19, 2020
Always dead when I leave(in a good way)😄 he’s been pushing me to a great extent and I’m feeling a lot more energy throughout the day because of the workouts! Already been seeing quick results👌🏽

Indiya D…

Jan 30, 2020
absolutely love my experience training with Controlled Fitness !!!!

Krutika P…

Oct 22, 2019
Absolutely love his motivation to help people live a healthier lifestyle! He’s extremely positive and will push you to the limit of what he knows you can handle!! Book him!

Doreen H…

Sep 28, 2019
one of the BEST trainers in DALLAS!

Daphne B…

Sep 11, 2019
I am dead but a happy dead 😂 Great workout

Doreen H…

Sep 9, 2019
amazing first session!

Donnelle B…

Aug 27, 2019
I can’t feel my legs 🙃😂

Dricka L…

Jun 24, 2019
Great trainer!! Let me take a break when needed!

Curtis A…

Apr 23, 2019
Game changing trainer !!!

Deija B…

Feb 24, 2019
He is a great trainer. He pushes you to your max and does it in a loving way. Definitely recommend him

Kelechi E…

Dec 10, 2018
Just finished my first session with Jordan and I feel great! I felt pushed but not uncomfortable. I’m looking forward to futures sessions

Kristina S…

Aug 30, 2018

LaRoderick K…

Aug 16, 2018
The experience was pretty good. I may complain but we continue to push right through it.

Bana G…

Jul 31, 2018
I've had personal trainers before, but Jordan is different. He is creative with his workouts and really pushes you more and more as you progress with him. Would definitely recommend!

Gabrielle K…

Jul 11, 2018
Jordan is the ultimate best. Every time it’s been awhile from working out I always think I won’t feel anything. But he always ceases to amaze me on creating great impactful workouts every time.

Skyla T…

Jul 2, 2018
Excellent service Creative and effective workouts Amaaaazing results 💪🏾

michelle h…

Jun 21, 2018
Jordan was very detailed and patient with me. He pushed me through each workout and made sure I was ok during my session. I would definitely recommend

dorcas w…

Jun 15, 2018
He’s Awesome!

Ashley M…

Jun 6, 2018
Jordan is extremely professional, prompt, and encouraging! I look forward to each workout.