Wize Gize Barber
Wize Gize Barber
Wize Gize Barber
Wize Gize Barber
Wize Gize Barber
Wize Gize Barber
Wize Gize Barber
Wize Gize Barber
Wize Gize Barber
Wize Gize Barber

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Haircut Options

Men’s Haircut

Traditional Men’s Haircut is done with a combination of clippers on the sides and shear cut for the top. This option is great for a professional look.

30m $35.00 Book now

Military Fade

Military Fade is a “low maintenance” haircut. This option is a full clipper haircut with a shorter length on the sides and a longer clipper length for the top.

30m $30.00 Book now

Layered Shear Haircut

What makes a barber a great barber is the ability to be versatile with the tools they use. If you enjoy a more full, longer length haircut, then the shear haircut is for you. The precision shear haircut is vital for shaping the hair as well as framing the clients facial features.

30m $40.00 Book now

Buzz Haircut

This haircut is done with the same guard length for the sides as well as the top.

20m $25.00 Book now

Fade Haircut

Fade Haircut is the new trendy style that virtually anyone can pull off, as long as it’s done by the right barber. A Fade consists of a short buzz beginning from the lowest part of the haircut and gradually “fading” into a longer length top. Let’s get you faded.

30m $35.00 Book now

Line Up

Booking for a Line Up is the best option for in between haircuts to clean around the ears and back of the neck with either a tapered neck line or a line with rounded corners.

15m $15.00 Book now

Wize Options

Haircut & Beard Trim

In a world where beards are trendy, get the full service Haircut & Beard Trim option for the man who wants to always look sharp.

45m $50.00 Book now

Gize Combo

Gize Combo is a great option for the ultimate gentleman. This combination includes any haircut of your choosing followed by our unique old fashioned hot lather straight edge facial hair shave.

1h $60.00 Book now

Shave Options

Beard Trim & Sculpt

The misconception many gentlemen have about beards is that it’s less work than shaving. That’s false, it’s more work! Have your beard tamed with a trim & sculpt and a complimentary line up around the ears and back of the neck.

20m $25.00 Book now

Gize Shave

The Gize Shave is our ultimate experience. Get into relax mode with our unique shave which consists of a series of shave oils and creams to exfoliate and soften your facial hair for a smooth shave, followed by a series of steamed towels. Gize Shave is done solely with a single straight razor blade for super close finish.

30m $35.00 Book now

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Reviews (13)

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  1. Michael avatar

    Michael C.

    Excellent hair cutter and stylist. Listens and advises. Would highly recommend Mike and Wize Gize!

  2. Sean avatar

    Sean M.

    Benny is an absolute pro... listened to what I wanted, made some great suggestions and the result was a haircut I could not have been happier with. A job well done, I'll definitely be back. Thanks!!

  3. John-Russell avatar

    John-Russell B.

    Benny is the best in the business! Solid cut every single time!

  4. Wes avatar

    Wes M.

    Definitely will be back. Benny is the man.

  5. Samarth avatar

    Samarth C.

    Mike is an excellent barber

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