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Beard coloring in New York City

Although the bread and butter of barbershops across the globe are hair cutting services, many of these establishments are expanding to other haircare-related treatments beyond just a classic cut. Many contemporary barbershops now additionally specialize in supplementary services like beard maintenance and hair coloring—but there’s also a fusion of these two services, which is beard coloring. Thinking about booking a beard coloring treatment in New York City? Use Booksy and we’ll be your guide to online booking in The Big Apple! By downloading the Booksy mobile application to your Android or iOS smartphone, or by visiting on the web browser of your choosing, you’ll be able to discover a whole new world of appointment scheduling. Start browsing local businesses for any of your beauty, wellness, or health-related needs and book appointments with the click of a button. What is beard coloring and how does it work? Essentially, beard coloring doesn’t differ much from hair dye services—a beard dye or beard coloring treatment is a service that is designed to change or enhance the color of your facial hair. Though this sort of treatment may just be hitting the service menus of certain barbershops and salons, beard dyeing isn’t a new invention. In fact, the act of beard coloring goes as far back as ancient Egyptian times where men were known to dye their beards with brown and reddish-brown colored dyes. The concept itself may have not changed much over thousands of years, but the formulas for beard dyes certainly have. Modern-day beard dyes usually come in a semi-permanent or permanent formula, making them a relatively long-lasting solution. And on top of that, your barber or stylist is able to perfectly select the appropriate color of beard dye for you to create a natural-looking effect. A beard coloring service is particularly useful to men who are seeing graying along their facial hair. Professional quality beard dyes are extremely helpful in covering up gray or white hairs, but they also can assist in evening out general discoloration and reverting your beard back to a uniform color. Typically beard coloring products tend to last around two weeks or sometimes more, so you won’t have to worry about the color wearing off in the span of a day. Beard coloring treatments are relatively quick procedures, meaning you’ll be in and out of the barbershop in a flash. Your barber will likely start by prepping your beard by combing it out to a smooth texture and getting rid of any knots. After mixing the dye, it’ll be carefully applied to your beard and your barber will let the mixture process for a specific amount of time. After the time is up, they’ll rinse the dye off your beard hair and finish off by styling your beard as usual.  How do I choose the best beard coloring treatment in New York City?  Across the five boroughs, there are probably hundreds or even thousands of barbershops available to choose from, making finding the best one a seemingly impossible task. But you can simplify your booking experience by just using the Booksy search engine bar and filling out the fields based on your search criteria. When you’ve finished and your selection of listings has appeared, feel free to browse around and read the available client reviews to help you decide on the best option. Otherwise, use the “Sort by” button to help you find the top picks via “Recommended by Booksy” or “Top Reviewed”. Beard coloring near me You don’t need to waste any time by searching for results on the most popular search engines, at Booksy, we’re all about giving you instant results. With the help of our search engine bar, you’ll be able to locate beard coloring in New York City within just a few moments. Complete the search fields with what you’re looking for (beard coloring), where you are (New York City), and your preferred appointment time and date—then view your options! You can also use the “Filters and Localization” button to search by a certain zip code, or by neighborhood.