Royalty Brows by Fabolash
1734 east 63rd st suite 513, Kansas City, MO, 64130
1 review

Royalty Brows by Fabolash

1734 east 63rd st suite 513, Kansas City, MO, 64130


    • Full set eyelash extenstions

      The lashes are placed on each one of your natural eyelashes
    • 1 week fills

    • 2 week fills

    • 3 week fills

    • 4 -6 week fills

    • Microblading

    • 4-6 week microblade touch up

    • Eyebrow tinting

    • Microblading with color boosters

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by Kasandra hill
I was really excited to try this place and, unfortunately, after making my purchase and setting up an appointment, they cancelled an hour prior to my ...appointment via text message. I explained that I had purchased it for a special occasion and took off an entire day of work for this, but no solution was offered nor did it seem like it mattered that they were cancelling an hour before my appointment. It was extremely unprofessional and although I understand things come up, I thought the manner in which it was handled was horrible. Highly disappointed. Show more
Replied: Jun 26, 2017
Royalty Brows by Fabolash
Hey I do apologize i did ask if you would like to reschedule because I lost a loved one in a car accident. I apologize again for the inconvenience but my loss was and still is devastating I would never get upsetting about someone passing I don't mind doing your eyebrows for free GOD BLESS