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Braids Weaves And Things
5755 Northpoint parkway Ste 62, Alpharetta, GA, 30022
5 reviews
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Braids Weaves And Things

5755 Northpoint parkway Ste 62, Alpharetta, GA, 30022


  • Weaves

    • Sew-in with frontal (hair must be washed)

    • Basic Sew-in(hair must be washed)

    • Full sew-in /no leave out(hair must be washed)

    • Pronto Quickweave (braided base)

    • Weave ponytail

    • Braid down

    • Versatile No knot Crochet braids

    • Wig install &style (braid down and sewn down)

    • Quick weave (hair not included)

    • 27pc quickweave /hair included deposit required h

    • Sew-in w/ lace closure(hair must be washed)

    • Lace/Frontal closure maintenance & recurl

    • Sew-in (tracks tightened & re curl)

  • Braids

    • Hip length large Island braids

    • Triangle Part Large(Mid/Waist) hair included

    • 2 butterfly braids(hair included)

    • Tribal cornrows (hair included

    • Jumbo island braids Midback /waist hair included

    • Med Boxbraid Shoulder/Mid/Waist(hair included)

    • Jumbo triangle Part braid(Mid/Waist) hair included

    • Small island braids midback (hair included )

    • Medium island braids midback included

    • Large lemonade braids

    • Small island braids waist length hair included

    • Medium waist length island braids(hair included )

    • Jumbo Boxbraids Mid/Waist(hair included)

    • Hip length Jumbo island braids (hair included)

    • Braid touch up sm/Mid/lg (hair included) perimeter

    • 2 cornrows Relaxed/Natural (hair included)

    • 4-6 Cornrows (hair included)

    • Large island Braids Midback or waist Hair included

    • Small lemonade braids

    • Sm Boxbraid Shoulder/Mid/Waist (hair included

    • Large Boxbraid Shoulder/Mid/Waist (hair included)

    • Triangle Part Braid Med (Mid/Waist) hair included

    • Crochet braids Twist/Braids/Locs (hair included)

    • Vixen Crochet Braids(curly/wavy hair included)

  • Twists

    • Sm MarleyTwist (Mid/Waist) hair included

    • Yarn Twists(Shoulder/Mid/Waist) hair included

    • Sm SenegaleseTwist(ShoulderMid Waist) hair incld

    • Med MarleyTwist(Shoulder/Mid/Waist)hair included

    • Lg Marley Twist(Mid/Waist) hair included

    • Havana Twists(Large Shoulder ) hair included

    • KinkyTwist(Curly/wavy /straight ends)hair included

  • Faux/Goddess/Boho Locs

    • Human hair blend boho Locs(hair included )

    • Boho locs(Small/med) midback length /waist length

    • Takedown(fauxlocs, Boho, goddess β€˜ mermaid )

    • GoddessLocs Sm(Shoulder/Mid/Waist)hair include

    • Sm Fauxlocs (Shoulder/Mid/Waist) hair included

    • Med Fauxlocs (Shoulder/Mid/Waist)hair included

    • Lg GoddessLoc(Shoulder/Mid/Waist) hair included

    • Short boho/faux/goddess Locs hair included

    • Med GoddessLocs(Shoulder/Mid/Waist)hair include

    • Large faux locs (Shoulder/Mid/Waist) hair included

    • Touch up (goddess/boho/faux Locs

    • Mermaid Locs touch up

    • Mermaid Locs( hair included synthetic

      Wavy faux Locs with wavy hair can be midback or waist length hair included in price more

  • Permanent Loc Extensions

    • Human Permanent Loc Extensions Shoulder Length

      Hair included more
    • Human hair permanent loc extensions midback

      Hair included more
    • Human Loc extension maintenance (retwist )

    • Human Permanent Loc Extensions waist length

      Hair included more

  • Locs

    • Loc retwist (less than 120 Locs clean hair please

      Loc retwist under 120 Locs please shampoo hair prior to service more
    • Loc retwist(more than 120) clean hair please

      Loc retwist only . Hair must be shampooed prior more
    • Loc style

      Style only more
    • Starter Locs (comb coils, 2strandtwist, or braid)

      Come with clean hair more
    • Interlocking starter Locs

      Come with clean hair more
    • Loc Maintenance (interlocking ) less than 120locs

      Come with washed hair more
    • Loc maintenance (interlocking more than 120locs)

      Come with clean hair more

  • Natural Hair styles

    • Rodset, Rollerset, Ponytail (come w/cleanhair)

    • Twistout, Braidout, 2strand Twists (come w/ hair)

    • Silkpress (come with clean hair)

    • Trim

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Crochet braids Twist/Braids/Locs (hair included)
by Corrielle Oparah
Cori is Amazing!! I wanted a particular style and she listened to my desires....my hair is GORGEOUS. She also braids with a soft touch and is extrem...ely conscious of the health of your hair not just getting your braids done. I would definitely recommend her. Show more
Replied: Aug 17, 2018
Braids Weaves And Things
It was my pleasure! I’m glad you loved your finished look!
Versatile No knot Crochet braids
by Corrielle Oparah
My daughter's hairstyle came out beautiful! She even took less time than anticipated. Great job!! It was worth the drive. Thank you
Replied: Aug 4, 2018
Braids Weaves And Things
Thank u! Glad she loves her hair!!!!!
Boho locs(Small/med) midback length /waist length
by Corrielle Oparah
Boho locs on my daughter came out absolutely amazing, The stylist was very professional and communication was awesome. Overall it was a great experien...ce. I will definitely book with her again! Show more
Large Boxbraid Shoulder/Mid/Waist (hair included)
by Corrielle Oparah
Good service, really sweet and professional. I like that she’s fast too. Did it in the time she said she would online. πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
Replied: Mar 30, 2018
Braids Weaves And Things
Well thank you and it was my pleasure!
Large faux locs (Shoulder/Mid/Waist) hair included
by Corrielle Oparah
Cori was professional, on time, and her work is AMAZING!!! Thanks again for squeezin me in!!!
Replied: Mar 3, 2018
Braids Weaves And Things
Awww you are welcome! And it was my pleasure!