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My Salon Suites
1570 Holcomb Bridge Dive (Suite 130), Roswell, 30076
4 reviews

My Salon Suites

1570 Holcomb Bridge Dive (Suite 130), Roswell, 30076


    • Highlights or LowLights w/ shampoo / Recont. Trtmt

    • Haircut

    • Relaxer,treatment,Color&Trim

    • Shampoo moisturizer-flatiron

    • Shampoo/Moisturizer/Basic Color

    • Shampoo/moisturizer/Precision Layering Cut

    • Shampoo/ Moisturizer/ Roller or Rod Set

    • Shampoo/Reconstructive treatments for shedding

    • Shampoo/ Recont. Trtmt / touchup edges

    • Relaxer/ Precision Layering

    • Relaxer/3 shampoo/ Trtmt

    • Relaxer / highlights/ Recont.trtmt

    • Natural Hair / Flatiron Or Press To straight only

    • Natural Hair w// Twist Set

    • Natural Hair./ Press / Pin updo

    • Natural Hair w: Basic Color /Press

    • Natural Hair / Highlights/ Press

    • Natural Hair /Precision Layering Cut

    • Wigs / Precision Layering Cut

    • Wigs/ Change Color On Wig

    • Wigs/ Highlights + Precision Layering Cut

    • Single Tracks (Bonded)

    • Single Tracks (Sew-in)

    • Shampoo/ Moisturizer/ Half Head ( Sew-in

    • Shampoo/ Whole Head Sew-In

    • Take Down Weave

    • Tighten up Hair Extensions

    • Shampoo/ Hair -Extensions/ Curl

    • Precision Layering Cut / Flatiron Or Curl only

    • Children Simple Natural hair Service

    • Men Hair Cut

    • Virgin Texturizer Service

    • Virgin Relaxer Service

    • Children—Shampoo/Conditioner Updo without weave

    • Children Shampoo/ Moisturizer/PRESS

    • Children Shampoo/Moisturer/ Weave Updo

    • Precision Cut/Color/ Shamp/Conditioner

    • Virgin Texturizer/trtmt/trim

    • Shampoo/Conditioner/tighten up Extensions/Style

    • Retouch Texturizer

    • Virgin Texturizer

    • Virgin Texturizer/ Basic Color

    • Retouch Texturizer/ Basic Color

    • Crimp Wave technique (Weave) Only

    • Shampoo/Conditioner, Short Hair Cut-/Edge-up

    • Men Hair Cut

    • Boys Hair. Cut

    • Men Edge or Line Up

    • Whole head Sew-In with Retouch /Color

    • Half Head Sew-in, Retouch, Color

    • Shamp.-Cond./Hair Piece & Ponytails Pinup

    • Natural Hair Shampoo/Moist. Cond.

    • MEN Texturizer for NATURAL HAIR

    • Nat.Hair Reconstructive Hair Rebuilder Treatment

    • Tighten extensions & Crimps or Curls i

    • Shampoo / condition/push-waves

    • Twist Locks sets

    • Twist Locks with Shampoo / Conditioner

    • Twist Locks w/ Reconstructive Hair Rebuilder

    • Dandruff Control System

    • Dandruff Specialty Relaxer System

    • Shampoo/ Conditioner/Style-varies

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4 reviews
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Shampoo moisturizer-flatiron
by Paula Ashley
Paula's location is very secure and decorated beautifully. Her room is clean and she asked plenty of questions about my regular hair care and style pr...eferences. I was very comfortable in her shop and was pleased with the final styling of my hair and received lots of compliments the whole weekend. Show more
Shampoo/ Whole Head Sew-In
by Paula Ashley
Paula is very careful with your hair. She has a beautiful spirit. She cares
by Paula Ashley
Just another great hair care experience with Paula. She is the best
Shampoo moisturizer-flatiron
by Paula Ashley
Paula was wonderful! She is very knowledgeable about hair care, maintenance, color, and precision cut! Loving my hair style and hair color!
Replied: Nov 17, 2017
My Salon Suites
Thank you so much . I’m grateful for your business.