Creations By Sherie
2512 Edison Avenue, Sacramento, 95821

Creations By Sherie

2512 Edison Avenue, Sacramento, 95821


    • Just a women's cut

      Women's hair cut (pre-washed prior to service), includes spray down or dry cut, basic blow dry!
    • Women's haircut/blowdry/style

      Womens haircut includes wash, blowdry, and blowdry or pin curl style!
    • Just a men's hair cut

      Mens haircut- just a clipper or sisscor cut!
    • Men's haircut/blowdry/style

      Men's haircut/blowdry/style includes clipper or sisscor cut, blowdry & style
    • Kids haircut

      Must come pre-washed before service, includes haircut and basic style!
    • Bang trim/undercut

      Bang trim or basic undercut!
    • Blowdry & style

      Blowdry & style includes: wash or spray down, blowdry or pin curl style!
    • Blowdry/braid

      Blowdry/braid inculdes: blowdry, wash or spray down, basic braid or braided updo!
    • Updo/ just curls

      Updo/curls includes: braided updo/updo, head full of curls, or partial half up or down!
    • Smoothing/straightening

      Smoothing/straightening (flat iron or hot comb) includes: smoothing sessions and style!
    • Pin curls/pocket curls/roller set/shampoo set

      Includes: wash, blowdry or spray down, curls, and style!
    • Single braid/twist

      Includes: up to 3 braids or twist, wash or spray down, and blowdry!
    • Non-extension braids/twists

      Includes: Full head of braids or twist on natural hair only, wash, and blow dry!
    • Braids/twist/dreadlock extensions

      Includes: full head braids/twist/dreadlock extentions, wash, and blowdry!
    • Hair treatments

      conditioning/scalp/hot oil/hair mask/ coconut or other oil mask/treatment, includes: wash, blowdry & style!
    • Basic all over color

      Includes: basic color (only one color. Highlights or anything with lightner are not included), wash, blowdry & style!
    • Color blocking/baliyage/ombre

      Includes: color, lightener services, wash, blowdry & style!
    • Mermaid/rainbow hair

      Includes: multiple colors and lightner services, wash, blowdry & style!
    • Dimensional highlights

      Includes: high & low lights (full head), basic all over color, wash, blowdry & style!
    • Full highlights

      Includes: full head highlights, wash, blowdry & style!
    • Area highlights

      Includes: 20 foils & under, wash, blowdry & style!
    • Partial highlights

      Includes: 11 foils & under, wash, blowdry & style!
    • Accent highlights

      Includes: 10 foils or less around face or a few highlights on top, wash, blowdry & style!
    • Peek-a-boo

      Includes: 1-3 foils with 1 color, wash, blowdry & style!
    • Relaxer/chemical straightening

      Includes: chemical relaxer, treatment, wash, blowdry & style!
    • Perm/ chemical curls

      Includes: perm, treatment, wash and style!
    • Basic manicure

      Includes: manicure, hand & arm massage, basic coat of nail polish!
    • Full set of acrylic nails/nail forms

      Includes: full set of nails/forms (designs and polish upon consultation).
    • (Nail fill) full acrylic nails/ forms

      Nail fill includes: fill, refreshing of nail polish!
    • Refreshing nail polish or design

      Includes: new polish & design (more upon consultation).
    • Full face makeup

      Includes: full face makeup service (eye lashes is an extra $10).
    • Simple/basic/natural makeup

      Includes: basic full face makeup (depending on client, eye lashes are an extra $10).
    • Halloween/ specialty makeup

      Includes: full face halloween/specialty makeup, and lashes! Other supplies upon consultation.
    • Just lashes & eye makeup

      Includes: lashes & eye makeup!
    • Full facial

      Includes: full facial, products or type of facial upon consultation.

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