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Ladiies boutique
Parkview drive, Avon, 06001
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Ladiies boutique

Parkview drive, Avon, 06001


  • Tattoos

    • Tattoos

  • Piercings

    • Industrial

    • Facial non surgical

      Lip Nose Eyebrow Cheek more
    • Ear piercing (both)

      If one piercing its $7 both will be $15 more
    • Below waist.

      Any piercing below the waste male or female. more
    • Any surgical

      Multiples deduct $5 for every additional piercing after every 3rd the 4th is free! more

  • Edibles

    • Pina colada mix sm

    • Carrot cake

    • Coquito sm

    • Coquito med

    • Coquito lg

  • Nails by Madee

    • Nails

  • Miscellaneous

    • Birthday boy gift baskets.

    • Women gift basket

    • Birthday girl gift basket

    • Baby shower gift basket

    • Diaper cakes/decor

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