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Styles By Ky
2122 Kenneth Ave, Arnold, 15068
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Styles By Ky

2122 Kenneth Ave, Arnold, 15068


  • Basic Styling

    • Wash and style

    • Wash, trim and style

    • Wash, Cut and Style

    • Deep Condition

      Can be added to any service. A deep penetrating conditioner used after wash, capped and under the dryer. more

  • Coloring

    • Full head

    • Double Process

    • Partial head

      I.e. tips, half and half more
    • Highlights

  • Weaving

    • Quick Weave

    • Versatile Sew-in

      I.e Vixen, 3-part finish. A very versatile technique where you'll have the ability and option of wearing your sew in down, in a pony tail, half up half down. Or choices of parting in one sew-in, middle, deep left or deep right. more
    • Basic Sew-in

      Full head sew-in. Option of no or minimal, natural leave out. Hair not provided. more
    • Individual row, Glued

      Add pieces to any natural style for fullness and length. more
    • Individual Row, Sewn

      Add fullness and length to any style. more

  • Braiding

    • Cornrows

    • Cornrows w/Weave

    • Box Braids

    • Micros

    • Faux Locs

  • Relaxers

    • Retouch

    • Virgin

  • Eyebrows and Lashes

    • Eyebrows, waxed.

    • Strip Lashes

    • Individual Lashes

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