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17401 ventura blvd. , Suite B-13 bungalow 5, Encino, 90077


17401 ventura blvd. , Suite B-13 bungalow 5, Encino, 90077


    • Woman's haircut

      Haircut + Blowdry
    • Men's haircut

      Wash + Haircut + style
    • Spray Tan

      Spray tan for whole body lasts 5-7 days may shower after 2 hours. Please scrub/ shower prior.
    • Color (whole head)

      Color for full head + wash/ blowdry
    • Color roots only

      Color for roots only + wash/blowdry
    • Highlights - Full Head

      Full head highlights + wash/ blowdry
    • Highlights- half/ partial

      Highlights for half the head + wash/blowdry
    • Balayage

      Balayage style of coloring hair maybe include highlights and lowlights + wash/ blowdry
    • Blowdry and style

      Wash + blowdry (curling or flat iron not included)
    • Blowdry + curls or flat iron

      Wash+ blowdry + curling with curling iron or smoothing/ straightening with a flat iron
    • Extensions

      Must come in for a consultation prior to see what kind of extensions and to preorder hair. Then will discuss price and take a deposit. The amount of time needed for Placing in the extensions depend on which type of hair, anount and length of hair which will be discussed during the consultation.
    • Updo or event styling

      Depending on style may include wash + blowdry Can have curls , braids, twists, updo, half up or down
    • Glaze/gloss/ toner

      Usually added on after coloring service as a top coat for the hair. Or added on after highlighting / balayage

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