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Hair by dye
201-213 East Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia, 19134

Hair by dye

201-213 East Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia, 19134


    • Root touch up

    • Highlights

    • Pedicure

      Pedicure with polish and massage
    • Womens cut layered

      Cut with multiple layers
    • Regular mens haircut

    • Blowdry

    • Women's trim

      Trimming of split ends and over processed hair
    • Full consultation

      Meet with stylist to educate yourself on the health and maintenance of your hair includes wash and deep condition
    • Wash and curl

      Wash and Blow dry plus curl of preference
    • Simple manicure

      Manicure comes with polish and hand massage
    • Deep conditioning treatments

      Deep conditioning treatments varying on need of clients hair health
    • Eye brow waxing

      Eybrow waxing, plucking or shaving
    • Color

      All coloring procedures will be conducted after an evaluation of the clients hair
    • Spiral curling

      Curls done with thermal rod or wand
    • Polish change

    • Body waxing

      Full body waxing available
    • Moisturizing facial

      Simple facial includes dermabrasion and moisturizing all using natural ingredients and therapeutic techniques for revitalizing skin

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