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Tilahs Beauty
5014 Blair street, Pittsburgh, 15207

Tilahs Beauty

5014 Blair street, Pittsburgh, 15207


    • Dreads

      Wash ...twist...set w shea or bees wax
    • Regular Quick weave cuts

      Molded.. Dryer...apply weave ...cut and mild styling.. Boy cuts...bobs ...wraps etc
    • Dramatic Quick Weave

      Molded..dryer...application...cut dramatic styling ...27 pcs ..freeze curls etc.
    • Waxing

      Facial Hair Removal of brow...lip..chin and neck areas
    • Full Sew in

      Weave is Hand sewed and applied - attached to a net or braided base
    • Individual lashes

    • Strip of lashes

    • Razor cut brows

      Removal of brow hair w razor
    • Bald cut

      Hair conditioned...Removal of head hair w razor... Sanitized moisturized
    • Sewin Removal

      Cut threads of sewins...unravel braids...wash & condition hair ...dry
    • Partial sewin

      Weave is sewn in to 75% or less of the head applied a braided/netted base
    • Vixen sew in

      Hair is specifically sectioned off to blend naturally with weave sewn in
    • Sew ins with frontal/closure

      Braided and sewed in with frontals-closure of a lace or silk base to acheieve natural hair lines and partings.
    • Relaxer

      Skin - hair protected...virgin or retouch application of relaxter.. Molded and styled
    • Color

      Color applied after mixed ... Washed...conditoned.. W basic styling
    • Bank ponytail

    • Crochet

      Technique use to apply various types of strands to braided or netted base w crochet needle
    • Braids

      Cornrws...plaits...designs...dreads....tree braids.... individuals... W weave ...pricing will vary
    • Relax cut n style

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