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Empress Elan Experience
10544 Walnut St, Dallas Texas, 75243
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Empress Elan Experience

10544 Walnut St, Dallas Texas, 75243


    • Adult clipper cut

      Basic clipper cut with razor outline. No facial hair more
    • Steam Towel Facial

      Facial cleanse with rejuvenating steam towel service and face massage. more
    • Head, Neck, Shoulder Massage

      1 dollar per minute.15 minute minimum. 5 min add on. Light touch or deep touch massage. more
    • Psuedo Follicular Barbe

      Razor bump treatment. Facial cleanse, steam towel service, ingrown hair and razor bump removal. more
    • Eye brow clean up

      Clipper outline and clean up with razor sharpening. more
    • Adult precision cut

      Shear hair cut and out line without face. Razor included. more
    • Bald Shave

      Hot lather bald head shave with steam towel. more
    • Gold Package

      Shampoo with basic clipper cut & face, razor outline. Rejuvinating Steam towel, Eybrow clean up, 10 min neck and shoulder massage. more
    • Sliver Package

      Shampoo with Basic clipper cut & face w/razor outline. Rejuvinating steam towel. 5 min neck and shoulder massage. more
    • Platinum Package

      Shampoo basic clipper cut & face. Razor outline, eyebrow clean up, 14 stroke straight razor shave w/rejuvenating steam towels. 15 minute head, neck, shoulder, massage. more
    • Adult clipper cut w/face

      Basic clipper cut with razor outline and face clean up. more
    • 14 stroke hot lather shave

      Classic 14 stroke straight razor facial shave. more
    • Nose hair removal

      Hot hard wax removal. more
    • Eyebrow Waxing

      Eye brow shaping and sharpening with hot soft wax. more
    • Deep pore removal

      Black head removal. Black mask pore cleansing. Rejuvenating steam towwel. more
    • Hot hard wax facial outline.

      Hard wax outline. Removes velous hair for up to 3 weeks. more
    • Adult Percision cut w/face

      Shear cut with outline and face. Razor included more
    • Neck shave

      Razor neck shave with warm lather. more
    • Eye brow tinting

      Eyebrow shaping and color enhancement. Eyebrows look fuller and thicker for up to 3 weeks more
    • Color Application

      Please inquire about color application. more

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