Beyond Expectations Beauty
260 Glen Eagle Circle, Naples, 34104

Beyond Expectations Beauty

260 Glen Eagle Circle, Naples, 34104


    • Microblading Eyebrows

      Gentle and comforting technique of implanting personalized pigment into the skin. Permanent Hair-Stroke Eyebrows resulting in natural looking hair that blend in with your existing eyebrows or give you the illusion of real eyebrows if you have none.
    • Permanent Top & Bottom Eyeliner

      Gentle and comfortable manual feathering technique of implanting personalized pigment into the skin for natural, beautiful enhanced eyes!
    • Partial Permanent Eyeliner (Top Or Bottom)

      Partial Permanent Eyeliner is gently implanting personalized pigment manually with the feathering technique on the Top OR Bottom of the Eyes for a beautiful, natural enhancement.
    • Permanent Eyelash Enhancement

      Don't like the look of eyeliner? Get the look of thick, bold lashes by having personalized pigment gently implanted right into your eyelash line! Natural and beautiful results without the upkeep! Great for anyone wanting that very natural, yet thick eyelash look!
    • Eyelash Extensions

      Individal eyelashes are safely placed on each individual eyelash to give a bold, dramatic, enhanced look to your eyes! This service requires lash fills every 2-3 weeks at an additional fee, unless you want a one time service.
    • Eyelash Extension Fills

      Eyelash Extension Fills within 3 weeks of initial set or last fill. After 3 weeks, price will be more.
    • Eyebrow Waxing & Shaping

      Get the look of perfect brows with a gentle wax, trim, tweeze, & customized design!
    • Facial Waxing

      Facial waxing is anywhere on the face, aside from the eyebrows. If youd like your chin, or lip, or cheeks, or forehead waxed, this is the service for you!
    • Makeup Artistry

      Makeup Artistry includes makeup for any occassion! Of you'd like eyelashes applied, there is an additional $10 charge. If you'd like airbrush makeup, there is an additional $10 charge.
    • Full Body Waxing

      Full body waxing includes: Arms: $30 Armpits: $30 1/2 Leg: $35 Full Leg: $55 Man's Back: $50 Man's Chest: $40 Bikini: $40
    • Ear Candling

      Ear Candling is an ancient safe, gentle, and effective way of cleaning out the ear canal. You lay on your side and a hollow cylinder cone made of all natural ingredients and herbs is placed an inch in your ear to slowly draw out wax, toxins, bacteria, and even old infection. This is a great safe, subsitute service than going to the doctors and get the water pick done. It helps with some hearing, colds, allergies, infections, etc.
    • Manicure

      Basic manicure includes: nail trim, file, cutile removal and push back, buff, massage, and polish.
    • Shellac Manicure

      Shellac Manicure is the same as basic, but will gel polish cured under UV light.
    • Pedicure

      Pedicure includes: Foot Soak, nail trim, file, buff, cutitle push back and removal, exfoliate, scrub, leg & foot massage, and polish.
    • Facial

      Facial includes: Cleanse, extracting if needed, exfoliating, mask, facial, neck, hand, & arm massage, products depending on skin type.

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