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Brow Factory Etc., LLC
5395 Fox Plaza Drive Suite 107, Memphis, Tn, 38115
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Brow Factory Etc., LLC

5395 Fox Plaza Drive Suite 107, Memphis, Tn, 38115


    • Childs Salon Services

      Children Services on Sundays by APPT. ONLY more
    • Full Sew-In

      Half Sew-In $95 Crown Piece $25 more
    • 3D Microblading Eyebrows, Eyeliner & Lips (ea)

      Includes Free Consultation & 2 Sessions.....Starting Feb 22. Price^ ^$599.99 more
    • Acne Treatments

      Each Session more
    • Skin Rejuvenation

      Each Session more
    • Shampoo & Style

      Basic Shampoo w Clarifying Shampoo. Conditioner Optional. more
    • Mani/Pedi

      Basic Mani-Pedi w Foot and lower leg massage. more
    • Facials

    • Haircut Men

      Children $10 more
    • Hair Relaxers

      Affirm & Dudley Products more
    • Hair Removal

      Each Session more
    • Twist Locks

    • Custom Wigs

    • Custom Hair Oil (For Damaged/Balding)

    • Men Shampoo & Deep Tissue Massage

      Shampoo w Deep tissue Scalp Massage concentrating on Pressure Points, Bone Structure and Nerves. ...Conditioner $5 more
    • Foot Wash & Rejuvenation

      Foot Soak w Heated massage jets following massage w warm towel wraps and essential oils. more
    • Hot Oil Scalp & Tea Tree Treatment

      Shampoo w Black Jamaican Castor Oil Wrap followed by Scalp Massage and Manipulation more
    • Men/Child Hair Edger

      Edge. Complete hairline w T-Liner Clippers more
    • Hair Coloring (Full)

      Half $35 Highlights$35 Two-Toned $85 more
    • Basic Eyebrow Arch & Facial Clean-Up

      Complete Arch w Shaping and Clean Up Around Forehead Region more
    • Eyebrow Tinting / Bleaching

    • Individual Lashes

      Client Provide Lashes more
    • Pin-Up HairStyles

    • 3D Micro Sculpting

      Non Invasive Perfect Brow lasting ONLY TWO WEEKS more

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