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Footsies Foot Bar And Spa
Mobile Nail Tech, Auburndale, 33823

Footsies Foot Bar And Spa

Mobile Nail Tech, Auburndale, 33823


    • Manicure

      Cut file nails, clipping of cuticles, basic massage and polish
    • Spa mani

      Cut/file, push back cuticle, mask, hot towels and massage.
    • Gel Mani

      **Dry Manicure** 99% alcohol sprayed on clients hands before service. Clip and file nail, push back/clip cuticle and buff. Massage or soak can be offered if requested.
    • Mani/pedi combo

    • Full set

    • Fill in

    • Sculpted nails

    • Design

    • glitter

    • gel polish

    • stones

    • 3D art

    • Shapeing

    • Gel Nails Full Set

      Gel nails are hard builder gel. Uv/Led light curing. No water is used during the entire process of this set. 99% Alcohol is sprayed on the clients hands before service started. A small massage can be offered at end of service if requested.
    • Eyebrow wax

    • lip/chin

    • Express Pedi

      soak for 3 min, polish remove, push back/clip cuticle, buff and rinse, 3 min massage and polish.
    • Pedicure

      Soak for 10 min, remove of polish, push back/clip cuticle, buff nail, foot file, exfolient scrub, rinse, mask, warm towels, a 7 min massage and Polish.
    • Spa Pedicure

      Our Spa pedi includes everything a regular pedicure has to offer but also includes a warm or cold neck wrap as well as an extended leg massage from the knee down. The spa pedi also includes warm towels and parrafin wax for extra hydration.
    • Gel Removal

      Gel top coat buffed and clients fingers are wrapped in acetone soaked sponge wraps or cotton and foil. **No drill is used to remove gel polish on natural nails***
    • Gel Pedicure

      **Dry Pedicure** Everything a regular pedicure has to offer so does dry but without the water. 99% alcohol will be sprayed on clients feet before service begins. At the end of gel curing, feet will then go into pedi tub for a brief soak, exfolient scrub, rinse and massage. Mask is not included but can be requested.
    • Fugal Treatment

      Our fungal treamtment gears to discoloration of the toenail. With a few treaments you will begin to see the results. Our fugal treamtent is a 10 min soak in a blended natural home remedy.
    • Infused Pedicure

      We have a variety of infused foot soaks that will rejuveinate tired feet, remove a few toxins amd evem reduce some swelling.

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