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Fitness & Massage
8 Ferrary Pl, Woodland Park, 07424

Fitness & Massage

8 Ferrary Pl, Woodland Park, 07424


    • Sport Massage

      ✅Deep tissue massage feels like a "GoodHurt" ✅deep into the muscles and connective muscles ✅focus on muscles tension ✅pain relief ✅stress relief ✅stretching
    • Swidish Massage (relaxation, full body)

      Massage Therapy. ✅Promote relaxation & stress relief ✅increased flexibility ✅pain relief & reduce muscle tension ✅increase blood flow & circulation ✅sleep better 🔴Also I go to the place, You do not even need to drive. I have a table massage, body lotion and sheets
    • Reflexology Massage (foot)

      Reflexology Massage can be deeply relaxing and therapeutic modality for thoses suffering from plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries or even everyday work
    • Stretching

      Benefits ✅improve your performance in physical activities ✅decrease your risk of injuries ✅help your joints move through their full range motion ✅enable your muscles to work most effectivety
    • Full Back Massage

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