Bear Creek Home And Yard
15328 199th AVE NE, Woodinville, 98077

Bear Creek Home And Yard

15328 199th AVE NE, Woodinville, 98077


  • Pressure Washing

    4 services
    • Sports Court

      Doesn't include cost if cleaning solutions if Requested.
    • Driveway (1000 sq ft)

      Pressure wash driveway, aggregate, concrete, walk way, sidewalk, front porch/steps, asphalt etc. Depending on the terrain, amount of moss/mud that requires additional cleaning solutions/ applications of pressure washing, and variety of possible structures included prices may vary
    • Deck or Fence

    • Boat or RV

  • Roofs and Gutters

    5 services
    • Monthly Cleaning

    • Sweep or Blow Debris off Roof

    • Moss Treatments

    • Roof Leak Repair/Gutter Repair

    • Clean out Gutters

      Remove all leaves, pine needles, pitch, tree droppings, branches, debris from gutters and downspouts. Run low pressure water throughout system to ensure cleanliness Clean up

  • Landscaping

    4 services
    • Garden Maintenance

    • Aeration

    • Weekly Services

      Mow and edge grass Clean out flower beds Remove weeds and leaves Maintain manicured aesthetic appearances of hedges, bushes, trees, plants etc Treatment for any harmful insects or diseases, noxious plants, or animals that may degrade integrity of landscaping Upkeep on bark, rocks, or other beautification application Available Weekly Bi-weekly Monthly and Every Other month. Varies on size of lawn, condition of landscaping, and characteristics of the job
    • Spring Clean Up

  • Handyman

    7 services
    • Assembly of Furniture

      2 person team assembling and installing furniture. New purchases Move IN & OUT service Includes disassembly of old furniture & up 300lbs of waste Disposal after that fees vary according to dump prices and distance of haul
    • Indoor Painting

      2 person team Tape and tarp off properly Will supply brushes, rollers, pan, tape, tarp, ladder, masks. Cost of paint/primer or sprayer rentals not included.
    • Install light fixture or fan

    • Install Doggie Door

    • Set up Playground Equipment

    • Build Deck or Repair/Restore Deck

    • Build Fence or Repair/Restore Fence

  • Arborist

    5 services
    • Tree Removal

      Diagnosis of hazardous trees Fall zone planning and prepping Climbing and limbing as needed Rigging to safely guide the tree removal Bucking of trunk into rounds Clean up and Removal Disposal Fees not included
    • Topping

    • Stump Grinding

    • Tree Limbing

    • Windsailing

  • Personal

    3 services
    • Clean Laundry

      Pick up per load Clean and dry accordingly Sort and hang or fold appropriately Return to clients home Special care available i.e. stain treatment, hand washing, dry cleaning drop off/pick up, fabric softener, etc
    • Personal Assistant

    • Organization

      Organize your Office Bathroom Closet Bedroom Shop Garage Tools Toys Gym Cellar Collections Pictures Movies Files Bills Offer upkeep service as well

  • House Cleaning

    5 services
    • House Cleaning

      Basic house cleaning services Kitchen & Appliances -Clean and Sanitize sinks, stove top, oven, microwave, refrigerator -Clean and Sanitize countertops -Clean and put away dishes -Dust and wipe down cabinet doors & shelves -Sweep, scrub and wipe clean floors Bathrooms -Clean and Sanitize toilets, sinks, bathtubs, shower etc. -Dust/Wipe light fixtures, window seal -Clean glass/mirror & polish til streak free -Clean tile/grout -Sweep, scrub and wipe down floors. -Remove any garbage Bedrooms -Basic Vacuum & Dust -Childrens rooms (optional) pick up toys
      Option 1
      Option 2
      Option 3
      Option 4
    • Window Cleaning

    • Weekly Cleaning

    • Skylight Cleaning

    • Clean & Polish Hardwood Floors

      Sweep Wipe down floors with water and vinegar mixture Hang polish/dry entire floor

  • Pet Care

    6 services
    • Full Groom

      Full body Brushing & De-matting Ear Cleaning Basic Toothbrushing (scrapping available at additional fees) Doggie Pedi - Gentle foot massage during the Nail Trim/Grind & pad hair removal. Bathed in Oatmeal Shampoo unless otherwise requested Blow dry available for Long haired breeds (ideal for between seasons for over all removal of dead hair due to blown coat) Additional fee varies depending on size of dog, length of coat
    • Nail Trim

      Alone $15. Add-on $10 If added to any other services receive $5 off.
    • Tooth brushing

    • Tooth Scraping

    • Doggie Pedi

  • Doggie Day Care

    2 services
    • Dog Sitting Over Night

      Pick up and Drop off Service Available Done at private home, no more then ONE clients fury family at a time. Also available to have multiple check ins on Nimm
    • Dog Walking

      One on one Dog Walking service to give your best friend a potty break, stroll around the block, chance to catch a few balls, bite to eat, you name it. Proud dog owner, trainer, lover, breeder for 20+ years. Whether you need a daily mid day walk while your at work, don't want to pay an arm and a leg to have him boarded for that quick business trip or even long vacation, or just plain need a hand, I would love to take care of them for you in anyway you need

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