Face The Facts
192 Westford Ave, Springfield, 01109

Face The Facts

192 Westford Ave, Springfield, 01109


  • All in your grill! (Facials & Facial Treatments)

    4 services
    • Custom Facial

      A customized facial just for you treating your chief complaints. Includes a cleanse,exfoliation,extractions (optional),massage,mask,spf and moisturizer all specifically tailored to your skin type. You will be educated in how to care for your skin at home. A facial is recommended every 3 weeks for maintenance.
    • All Natural Facial

      All natural organic so natural it’s edible. Relaxing 60 minute facial with the same great benefits with out the worry of pesky preservatives. Please let me know about any allergy’s you may have.
    • Mini Facial

      Aka the express facial. Never have had a facial before but your curious? Don’t have much time to spare but you know younger looking, glowing skin is important. Than this is the treatment for you. It packs everything the 60 minute facial offers into 30 minutes minus extractions and facial massage. Replaced by a scalp massage that occurs during masking time. Resulting in instant glowing skin.
    • Chemical Peel

      Depending on your skin type a specific peel is chosen starting off with a cleanse and then the peel is applied for 5-8 depending on the erythema and then removed cleansed again than spf is applied to the newly exfoliated skin for protection from the sun lastly moisturizer is applied. Add it to a any facial for ten dollars less.

  • A little extra (Add Ons)

    4 services
    • High Frequency Treatment

      The high frequency machine kills bacteria that causes break outs or acne treating and preventing future break outs, It helps fade dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles and shrinks pores.
    • Lucious Lips Treatment

      Exfoliating lip scrub gets rid of dead skin cells revealing smoother softer lips. Also Lightens discoloration. Topped with a lip balm. Lip plumping available for just five dollars more. Lipstick will apply easier and look better. Add on to any service.
    • Paraffin Treatment

      Aid in product penetration as in oils or moisturizers. Leaving hands and feet feeling soft as a baby’s bottom. And it’s Anti aging keeping the hands looking youthful.
    • Eye Treatments

      An anti aging treatment aids in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Face Beats (Makeup applications)

    3 services
    • Bridal makeup

    • Airbrush makeup

    • Traditional makeup

  • All About The Bod! (Body Treatments)

    6 services
    • Back Facial

      Just like the 60 minute facial but on your back. The back facial gets rid of back acne,dead skin cells,dark spots and great for relaxation. Treatments includes a customized cleanse,scrub,extractions (optional),massage,mask and moisturizer all while enjoying a nice warm paraffin Treatment on hands & feet. Aiding in hydration leaving skin soft and supple. The back facial also gets rid of back acne,dead skin cells,dark spots and is great for relaxation.
    • Foot Facial

      Includes a cleanse, a scrub to shed off dead skin a couple passes of the microdermabrasion machine to remove calluses then a relaxing mask is used to cover from your knee down your feet are then dipped in paraffin and all removed with warm hot towels. your then massaged and moisturized.
    • Get tight and right body wraps

      Body wraps aid in weight loss, helps detox the body and tighten skin. Includes a revitalizing cleanse, a detoxing green clay mask your than wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and snugged in a warm blanket while enjoying a warm paraffin Treatment on hands and feet leaving them smooth and hydrated.
    • Body Polish

      Includes a refreshing cleanse, exfoliating scrub, a relaxing massage and a detoxing mask topped with a hydrating moisturizer.
    • The Whole Body Experience

      The whole body experience is basically all the amazing body treatments in one. It’s the ideal spa day. Includes full body cleanse and exfoliation including your back you are then masked & wrapped while enjoying a warm paraffin Treatment on your hands and feet. Once wrap is removed The hands,arms,feet and back are massaged (optional can be replaced with a scalp massage if preferred) topped with a hydrating body cream.
    • Yoni Steam w/ eye Treatment

      This vagina steaming Can be used for various reasons such as detox cleansing or fertility. Options are discussed in consultation.

  • Wax On Wax Off! (Waxing Services)

    15 services
    • Full Face Wax

    • Brow Shaping

    • Lip Wax

    • Chin Wax

    • Sideburn Wax

    • Nose Wax

    • Arm Wax

    • Whole leg Waxing

    • 1/2 Leg Wax

    • UnderArm Wax

    • Fingers and toes

    • Bikini Wax

    • Full body Wax

    • Brazilian wax w/ Bum Bleach

    • Brazilian Wax

  • Brow Goals (Eyebrow Services)

    3 services
    • Henna Tint

      All natural no chemicals throw away that brow pencil or pomade and save time in the morning. Makes brows appear fuller filling in any empty spots. Last for 2 weeks add it to your next brow wax.
    • Brow Tinting

      Last 3-4 weeks
    • Brow Grow Treatments (add on)

      Aids in hair growth.

  • Relax And Get Lashed (Eyelash services)

    5 services
    • Eyelash extensions Full Set

    • Eyelash extension Refill

    • Lash Tinting

    • Lash Lift

    • Lash Lift & Tint

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