Invyncible Kutz By K.willz
108-41 159th St Apt 1A, Jamaica, Jamaica 11433

Invyncible Kutz By K.willz

108-41 159th St Apt 1A, Jamaica, Jamaica 11433


    • Kids haircut age 5yrs to 12 years old

      Kid's cut (Cesar,regular fades and tapers)
    • Teen age kutz(13yrs to 17yrs old)

      Teen age cuts (Ceasar, regular fades and taper fades)
    • Kid's cut with design

      Kid's cut with a Design(ceasar,fade,mohawk,taper)
    • Line Up

    • Beard Trim( shape up beard only)

    • Beard wash with shape up

    • InvyNcible beard service

      Service includes beard wash, lined up and shaped
    • Shave ( dry shave with clippers, electric shaver)

    • Invyncible dry shave(clippers and electric shaver)

      Service includes dry shave and facial massage
    • Invyncible face razor shave

      Service includes razor blade shave hot towel stream machine and facial massage
    • Men's ceasar

    • Men's ceasar and Beard

    • Invyncible men ceasar service

      Haircut service includes beard and facial massage
    • Men's fade

    • Men's fade and beards

    • Invyncible men fade

      Haircut service includes a facial massage
    • Men's specialty fade(flattop, burstfade etc)

    • Bald head service (dry shave)

      Bald head with clipper, electric shaver or both
    • Bald head service with beard (dry shave)

      Bald head done by a clipper, electric shaver or both. Beard or goatee shape up include
    • Bald head service with razor

      Service with razor blade and hot towels
    • InvyNcible bald head service

      This service includes scalp, face massage, hot towels. Your choice razor, electric razor or clippers
    • Women's ceasar

    • Invyncible women ceasar

      This service includes a facial massage
    • Women's fade

      Woman fade or taper haircut
    • Invyncible women fade

      Includes womens fade or taper haircut a facial massage
    • Women's specialty fade(mohawks,burstcut, designs)

    • Invyncible facial services

    • Invyncible facial with mask ( dry masks)

      Facial with a sheet mask
    • Invyncible facial with mask( peel - off)

      Facial with a choice of a peel mask. Clay, cucumber or black mask
    • Womens eyebrows(shape up)

    • Women's eyebrows(shape up and colored)

    • Women's eyebrows Tinted

      This service includes a semi permanent color to your eyebrows.skin Must be able to take semi permanent color to skin
    • InvyNcible hair wash

      Hair wash condition and leave in hair conditioner
    • InvyNcible scalp treatment wash

      Scalp massage with brown sugar or sea salt to exfoliate the scalp to get rid of dead skin. Wash hair and place a condition to hair and scalp
    • Hair fiber enhancements

      Service includes adding hair fibers to hair to fill in light spot in hair.
    • Beard/goatee coloring

    • Mobile service

      The barber coming to your area for service. Must book two days advance and call barber to confirm price and spot.
    • Razor bump treatment

      Service will provide treatment for razor bumps on face, neck or head
    • Hair bump extraction

      To remove hair from bump to prevent infection. Five dollars per bump

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