Bowtique Salon & Spa
New York, Traveling Stylist, 12550

Bowtique Salon & Spa

New York, Traveling Stylist, 12550


    • Customized wigs

    • Hair Braiding

      Hair braiding with no hair added starts at 30.00 prices vary based off of how much hair I am doing and the style being done.

  • Sew-I'm Hair extensions

    4 services
    • 360 Frontal Sew-in Hair Extensions

    • Frontal Sew-in Hair Extensions

    • Sew-in Hair Extensions with leave out

    • Sew-in Hair Extensions w/invisible part

  • Skin Care/ Facials

    3 services
    • Exfoliating all natural facial

    • Black mask pore cleansing & blk/white head removal

    • Natural facial w/eyelash growth stimulation

  • Faux Loc extensions

    2 services
    • Individual Goddess Faux Locs

    • Individual Faux Loc Hair Extensions

  • Crochet Hair Extensions

    6 services
    • Crochet Senegalese Twist/ Braids/ Locs

    • Crochet Short Styles and cuts

    • Crochet single hair styles

    • Crochet straight hair w/leave out

    • Crochet vixen Parting Singls hair w/ leave out

    • Crochet Vixen Hair Extensions no leave out

  • Wigs

    1 service
    • Wig installs and styling

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