Nails Slayed by Cee
Hampshire West Ct, 1501, Silver Spring, 20903
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Nails Slayed by Cee

Hampshire West Ct, 1501, Silver Spring, 20903


    • Service Guarantee

      Acrylic Enhancements are guaranteed for 72 hours after your appointment. If the nail lifts, chips and or breaks in the first 72 hours please book this service and send photo proof so I can confirm the appointment. Any repairs needed after 72 hours hold a $5 charge and should be booked using the “nail repair” service.
    • Late Fee

      after 15 minutes you will be charged a $10 late fee. after 20 minutes you will be marked as a no call no show. if you are on the no call no show list, you will be required to pay a $15 deposit if you want to book with me again.
    • ADD ON - Please read!!

      please add the amount of services to the amount of nails you want designs for. ex: if you want 2 glitter nails, book the glitter nail - per nail add on twice.
    • Full Set - Tips

      medium length, any shape and 1 acrylic color.
    • Full Set - Sculpted

      no tips, base of nails sculpted using nail forms and poly gel. 1 acrylic color or glitter is included. medium or short included. any shape.
    • additional colors

    • Long length -add on

    • Add Shape

      if you want a set with multiple shapes.
    • In Fill

      in fill on medium nails with plain color. no warranty if i didn’t do the original set
    • Shape Change

      changing shape on a fill
    • soak off - PLEASE READ

      NO soak off services offered. please come with bare nails if requesting a full set
    • Nail Repair - per nail

    • Simple Slay

      full set using acrylic only. includes 1 color on long nails only.
    • Ombré/Fade/Baby Boomer - full set

    • Glitter Full Set

    • Encapsulated full set

      add something inside the nail. ex. money, flowers, crystals, mylar, flakes, etc.
    • Saturday Slay

      only applicable on saturdays. acrylic only. long nails only. full set of ombré nails or a freestyle set.
    • Freestyle Set

      allow me creative freedoms. comes in medium length, any 1 shape, up to 3 colors, glitter, ombré and or encapsulated nails.
    • French Tip - full set.

    • Chrome Full Set

    • Custom Set

      if you’re looking for a specific design, please text or instagram dm me a photo for pricing.
    • Marble Full set

      3 colors are included with the marble full set
    • Ombré/Fade/Baby Boomer - per nail

    • Glitter Nail - per nail

    • encapsulated designs - per nail

      add something inside the nail. ex. money, flowers, crystals, mylar, flakes, etc.
    • Chrome per nail

    • Marble Nail per nail

      2 colors included.
    • Swarovski Crystals

      10 authentic swarovski crystals. crystal AB
    • French Tip - per nail

    • Acrylic Overlay - no tips

      basic overlay. one acrylic color included. matte or shiny top coat.

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Full Set Long length -add on Marble Nail per nail
by cianne thomas
She was very professional she didn’t rush like other nail techs! Love that she had different colours and glitter. Next time I’ll be trying glitter!...