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American Braids And Beauty
1006 E Hillsborough Avenue, B, Tampa, 33604
87 reviews

American Braids And Beauty

1006 E Hillsborough Avenue, B, Tampa, 33604


    • Feedin braids

  • Services

    22 services
    • Cornrows/Twist with sewed in Mohawk in middle

    • Curl ends of braids/twist

      Wavy, Curly (rolled w/rollers & dipped in hit water)
    • Curl hair

      Wand curl, crimp, flat iron
    • Detangle hair

      If you just took out braids or haven't combed your hair out and it's hard to detangle.
    • Eyelash Extensions (Individual/Cluster)

      Lashes included

  • Treatments

    2 services
    • Strengthening Therapy System

      Design Essentials Amino-Acid Thermal Reconditioning Suite For Visibly Smoother, Stronger, More Manageable Chemical-Free Hair. Great for those who are "tender headed" or doesn't know what to do with your natural hair.
    • STS 1/2 Head or around the edges

  • Natural hair style

    1 service
    • Natural hair styles/up dew

      Shampoo & conditioner included

  • Shampoo

    5 services
    • Cleanse Braids

    • Shampoo

    • Shampoo and Style

    • Shampoo/Condition

    • Shampoo natural hair

  • Policy

    5 services
    • Attention to Natural thick long and

      *Attention to all with natural, thick, long hair or different textures that are normally harder to work with an additional $25/$50 will be added to your total along with the services you request. Thanks for your business, as always it's our pleasure!
    • Invoicing Policy

      A PayPal invoice will be sent via emailed or text, if you don't feel comfortable your welcome to take care of it by transferring, making a deposit or bringing $/credit card to the salon.
    • Contact/Booking

      Please don't hesitate to call, text, email, or sign up on the waiting list if I'm booked. I have another webpage at styleseat.com/shalahoward2 I don't work alone; one of our braiders/stylists will be happy to service you at one of our great locations.
    • Deposit Policy

      When booking 2 or 3 to a head, you are responsible for a $25 deposit per braider/stylist, please keep in mind we stand by our words and will not take another client unless ones section is complete. Unlike the African Shops who accepts walk ins.

      I'll be out of town from 3/25-3/27. If you need an appointment before I return feel free to book on here for one of our talented stylist to take care of you. Thanks for your business in advance....!

  • Wigs

    3 services
    • Wig/Lace Front (sewed on)

    • Custom made wig units

      $75-$275 plus the cap and weave
    • Custom wig units

      From $75-$275 depending on what kinda unit you wish to have made, of course it's an investment so the better quality hair works best however I can work with any hair..

  • Plaits & Box braids

    11 services
    • 2 to a head Bob

      For natural hair. Yaky perm 100 % kaneakalon hair
    • 2 to a Head Plaits

      For natural hair. Price varies depending on size a length "Have you done in half the time"
      Option 1
      Option 2
    • 2 to a Head Poetic Justice Braids

      For natural hair. 10 packs of yaky perm 100% kaneakalon hair
    • 2 to a head Poetic Justice Braids

      For relaxed hair. The time and price can vary, depending on the size and length. Additional $25 for natural hair
    • Bob

      For natural hair. Yaky perm 100 % kaneakalon hair
      Option 1
      Option 2

  • Invisible Braids

    4 services
    • 2 to a head Invisible Braids

      For natural hair.
      Option 1
      Option 2
    • 3 to a head Invisible Braids

      For natural hair.
      3h 30min
      Option 1
      Option 2
    • Invisible Braids

      For natural hair.
    • Invisible Braids

      For relaxed hair. Additional $25-$50 service charge for natural, long thick hair.

  • Cornrows

    15 services
    • 1 Layer Designer Cornrows

      You will need 2 packs of %100 Kaneakalon hair for this style.
    • 2 layer cornrows/bun

      You will need 3 packs of %100 Kaneakalon hair Yaky perm.
    • 3 Layer Designer Cornrows

      You will need 3 packs of %100 Kaneakalon hair.
    • Kid cornrows 2 layers

      2 packs of Kaneakalon hair
    • Designer cornrows with natural hair

      Additional $10 for thick or long hair Bring beads or bows you desire.

  • Sew in

    5 services
    • Invisible Part Sew In

      No Glue
    • Sew in

    • Sew in rows

      $20 a row
    • Full sew in

      None of your hair left out
    • Sew in for Caucasian hair

  • Removal

    7 services
    • Take out

      $50 for permed hair $75 for natural hair
    • Lace front removal

    • Braid Removal

      For natural long thick hair.
    • Take out cornrows with hair added

    • Take out cornrows with natural hair

  • Crochet

    4 services
    • 2 to a head Crochet

      Time and price varies depending on technique. Invisible part, vixen, Marley curls
    • Interlocks

    • Crochet

      $150 and up depending on techique "Ask about our $75& up pretwisted, prebraided or precurled crochet hair, 2 hours service"
    • Prelooped/twisted/braided crochets

      $75 for relaxed hair $100 for natural hair

  • Twist

    18 services
    • 2 Strand Twist

      Twist to the scalp, with hair added.
    • 2 to a head Havana Twist natural ha

      Natural hair. 10 packs of Janet Collection Marley hair
      Option 1
      Option 2
    • 2 to a head Kinky twist natural hair

      For natural hair. 7 packs of Marley hair "we can shampoo and reuse the hair"
    • 2 to a head Kinky Twist relaxed hai

      For natural hair. Have You Done In 1/2 The Time, You will need 4/5 packs of Marley hair. "Prefer Janet Collection" One braided does the front half and the other does the back.
    • 2 to a head Pinch Senegalese Twist

      Natural hair. Yaky perm 100% kaneakalon hair

  • Dread locs

    4 services
    • Retwist (dread locs)

      Shampoo included
    • Starter Dread Locs

    • Dreadloc extensions

      The price and time variety depending on size and length. "Most likely we'll schedule two or three people to complete this service faster then the normal completion time"
    • Starter dreadlocs for Caucasian h

  • Micro braids

    14 services
    • 2 to a head Micros for natural hair

      For natural hair. Additional $25 for longer length hair (which has to be braided down farther) Have you done in 1/2 the time!
    • 2 to a head Micros for relaxed hair

      For relaxed hair. +$25 for (thick) natural hair +$50 for (thick) natural long hair If you wish to purchase hair from us make your order in advance. 2 packs of hair for $50, 3 packs of hair $75.
    • 2 to a head Pinch Micros

      For natural hair.
    • 2 to a head Pinch Micros for

      For relaxed hair.
    • 3 to a head Micros

      For natural hair. Additional $25 for long hair "longer than 8" We have to braid down pass your hair to better secure your hair with a knot or nail glue which will be installed on the weave not your hair.

  • Classes

    1 service

      Hands on..

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87 reviews
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Skilled, fast and friendly. Takes care of me and offers advice for my hair and style. I love Shayla!
I really enjoyed the few hours I spent with Shayla. She was very courteous of my time and her attention to detail is emaculant. I recommend her servic...es. Show more
Late for appointment. Changed rate half way through service, then yelled, cursed, slapped hands in my face, through my purse across the room, and thre...atened violence rather than have a discussion with me about the rate change and a compromise. Show more
Hair looked good. I will say, she braided our hair with Kanekalon and it isn't staying in like I thought it would. I have thick hair and NEVER need ha...ir added. Also, she didn't leave a lot of our edges out so the hair is tugging on those and it's not a good look. I normally am able to leave crotchets in for about three months but these will be coming out soon. She's a nice person, and I enjoyed her while we were there. I just am not liking the way the hair is. Show more
Absolutely love them! Always happy with my hair, quality work! Thanks again <3
She’s kind, courtesy and professional, I recommend her and she been doing my hair for years
Shala has a beautiful personality, she is personable and gifted at doing hair, she aims to please and she is well organized which makes getting your h...air done with her a pleasant experience. Show more
Thank you and Muffin so much. I love my hair!!! The neatness as usual is wonderful. I love my hair!The professionalism with that ever so personal feel... speaks volumes. Thank you !!! I love my hair!!! #thempoeticjusticebraidsthough Show more
Absolutely would recommend her! I showed her a picture of the braids I wanted and she over excelled! I love them!
My braids are neat but not to tight! Perfect!
Awesome always!!!
Excellent hair, excellent service!
Took a pic in for reference, she gave me the exact look I wanted for small plats. She and her co-worker worked fast and neat.
Having two to a head gets me in and out in the shortest possible time. The high quality of work that Shala and Janna do, the environment, and the pric...e, is why I've been a loyal client since I met them. Show more
Shala is amazing! Not only does she provide quick, reliable, and professional service, but she takes pride in making clients feel comfortable with her... pleasant and fun-loving nature. I will be back!!! ( : Show more
She understood when I was explaining what I wanted to do with my hair, and I was very happy with her pricing, I will definitely recommend her and come... back to her Show more
Professional and personable
Shala and team were very professional and friendly. We are new to the area, what a great experience. They styled mine and my daughter's hair. They did... a wonderful job. We can't wait until our next visit. Thank you Shala! Show more
I called to booked a last minute appointment for my daughter, Shala was able to fit her into her busy schedule. I really appreciate you patience, flex...ibility, and your overall business ethics. Thanks again as always!!!! Show more
The best in Tampa!!! Really happy with my experience with her.
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