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3453, Los Angeles, CA, 90011
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3453, Los Angeles, CA, 90011


    • Beat Collabs

      50/50 Split (Leases on Airbit,Exclusives/Placements) Get a Shoutout on IG Story How I do it is You send me a few ideas in mp3, could be just a melody or a full beat. After I'll let you know which one i like, and you send the track outs. I finish it mix it and post it up on my site. Send you the final Wav and track outs as well. After payment contact teythegreat@mail.com and send beat ideas. more
    • Beat Mixing

      Get your beat professionally Mixed by TÈYTHEGREAT. After payment Send the tracked out stems in a zip to teythegreat@mail.com You will Get back the Master WAV and Mp3 Format of the beat within 48-72 Hours. For Bundle Deals: 3 for $100 5 for $150 Email - teythegreat@mail.com more
    • Special Production

      ATTENTION RECORDING ARTISTS OR COMPOSERS! If you need me to produced a specific beat of your liking. Contact me your ideas @ teythegreat@mail.com more

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