Massage by Travis, A Mobile Massage Business
Anywhere is the Eagle valley, Eagle, 81631

Massage by Travis, A Mobile Massage Business

Anywhere is the Eagle valley, Eagle, 81631


    • The Everest Stone Massage

      After a long hike or a stressful week stuck behind a computer. The 90 min everest will slowly warm all of your muscles and meticulously work every deep muscel in need. The best massage for the adventurous
    • The best possible way to relax.

      The beginning of this treatment focuses on opening and cleaning your chakras. This harmonizing treatment allows the mind, body, and spirit to center. Following the chakra cleanse enjoy a refreshing Swedish massage with key essential oils to assist in a full rejuvenation of the soul.
    • Heaven on Earth

      For those days a little extra relaxation is needed. Two hours of relaxation our most popular treatment.
    • Heavy handed helper

      For all those who need a deep massage. This 90 minute treatment will methodically work every layer of tissue giving absolute relief. Heavy handed helper also focuses on stretching of all large, crucial muscles.
    • Simple and Sweet

      Relaxing and rejuvenating Swedish massage. A Swedish consist of soft to moderate strokes. Very good for overall health and wellness.

  • Energy

    2 services
    • HAPPY Soles

      30 min foot reflexology. No time for a massage. This treated will take you to heaven and back.
    • Reiki 101

      Reiki is a life force energy that courses through us all. In this treatment certain energy signs are used to assist in opening your Chakras and creating a clean energy flow throughout the body.

  • Extras

    3 services
    • Coconut Oil upgrade

      A coconut oil upgrade gives a healthy rejuvenating touch. With unbelievable glide coconut oil, is the ultimate treat for your skin.
    • Hydro Therapy

      Hot steamed towels to assist in relaxation and muscle tension. A welcomed step before any deep tissue treatment. Infuse the towels for one more dollar for a lasting, healthy scent and increase in circulation.
    • Stress Eliminator

      A MILDLY mentholated massage salve add-on guaranteed to assist in deeply relaxing your muscles.

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