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Literary Rd, 425, Cleveland, 44113
Traveling service


Literary Rd, 425, Cleveland, 44113


    • Customized Spray Tan (Tremont)

      ⚡️These tans will take place at my home in Tremont until a new Cle Glo Co. space opens soon :) We will discuss & pick a shade that best suits you! Ranging from light-dark. Not only does the violet solution help you accomplish a dark tan, but it’s never orange. You’ll never want to spray in a booth again. There is such a difference in how a vegan spray tan will make you feel & how it doesn’t smell. ⚡️Develop time 8hrs or more more
    • Customized Rapid Tan

      ⚡️LUXE Rapid is alcohol based, similar to the Original formula, with a quick dry feel. This is for my on-the-go clients who can’t wait the 8-hour processing time before showering like other formulas. This solution caters to all skin tones; your shower time will determine the tan outcome. 1 hr (lightest) 4 hr+ (darkest) ⚡️Ideal for all skin tones but will undoubtedly compliment those with warm undertones or those clients who feel they look unnatural when sprayed in booth or other solutions. This Violet solution will help to compliment your yellow and gold tones while allowing you to shower quickly. Keep in mind, DHA is still active and may continue to develop over 24 hours after application/rinse -This service is $10 extra - Complimentary bronze shimmer/Scent drops added :) more
    • Mobile services

      ⚡️Get a vegan spray tan in the comfort of your own space! I will customize the perfect shade for you. I can set up my equipment wherever is convenient for you. I will protect all areas & insure no mess. Our session should under 30 minutes! I’ll guide you on everything. I will disinfect the area as I pack up! All mobile appointments are $40 plus a $25 travel fee if you are over 25 mi. From me. ($30 per person if you decide to add friends, that would be so fun!) I will just give you a quote & supply complimentary drinks of your choice 🥂 You must cancel 12 hours prior to your session to avoid a cancellation fee! ⚡️I can’t wait to make you bronzed as ever more
      Traveling service
    • Group Glo Party ✨


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