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California Spiritual wellness LLC.
1004 N Buena Vista St, Burbank, 91505
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California Spiritual wellness LLC.

1004 N Buena Vista St, Burbank, 91505


  • Readings

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    • Psychic Reading

      The Psychic Reading will allow you to take a look into all aspects of life. Past, Present and future. Love, career, health, family, Past lifes etc. This Reading gives you Details depending on aspects that require the most attention & energy. You Also may ask a Handful of questions regarding and subject you may want to know more about or the reading it self!
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      Exclusive price for downtown Burbank cultural market only
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    • Tarot card reading

      The Tarot Card Reading can give you insight into the most asked about subjects. Love, Relationships, Career & Finances. The cards allow for a more visual experience and give the client a chance to see and feel the spiritual essence of the reading. Giving you extreme detail, Answering all of the more important or concerning questions about your life and future. This is our Most popular reading!
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      Exclusive price for downtown Burbank cultural market only
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    • Palm reading

      The Palm Reading is a Overall characteristic reading that gives you a chance to intrepid the lines of you palm. See what they have to tell you about your spirit self, What life path to follow and who you truly are. This Reading is suggested for those who have not received a reading in the past. You may also add this reading to our others for a combination reading. Call for special pricing.
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  • Spiritual Wellness

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    • Spiritual Cleansing

    • Chakra balancing


  • Witchcraft

    4 services
    • Witchcraft consultation

      A witchcraft  consult and meditation analysis consists of a process where the client I would come and explain their problem and get a detailed energy analysis as to whether the problem can be fixed
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    • The Quartz Spell Package

      The quartz spell package includes 1 daily phone consultation between you & Isabella six days a week. You will also have the option if necessary, to meet with Isabella once to twice a week for Energy analysis sessions. The meetings if needed, will take place at a location decided by you and Bella. During the time you work together she will be working on your case seven days a week for 4-8 hours at a time on any and all spells that are needed for your case. She will also be communicating with your spiritual guides for step-by-step advice on how to handle your particular situation. This package also includes a once a month Life assessment reading for a fun update to see how things are progressing, The reading is only dreamed necessary by Bella or a member of the team If at anytime we refuse to provide the reading it is for good reason for it is not needed. $1199.00 per month & up depending on the problem and situation.
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    • The Amethyst Spell Package

      The amethyst spell pack includes communication consultations 5 days a week. Bella will also be working on your case five nights per week 2-4 hours at a time, casting spells, communicating with the spirit guides, retrieving important guidance as well as information and updates on those included or involved in your case. I.e. Love interests, Coworkers or friends and/or clearing cleansing any energy thats within or around you for your case. This is our most recommended and most popular package. This package includes a possible or optional Bi-weekly meeting in person and includes all materials or as many spells needed. $799.00 per month & up depending on the problem and situation.
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    • The Aquamarine Spell Package

      The aquamarine spell package involves Communication between us 2 days per week allows me to work on your case 3 nights per week including any and all spells that may be needed for your case. Along with this you also are able to receive guided meditations or rituals personalize for you by me. Unfortunately this package doesn't include enough time for Meetings in person. However it's a great package if you're looking to save a bit of money and still get a job well done. The energy time effort and strength that goes into this package is just as potent as any other however the time completion and or result Time frame does it extend out further into the future as opposed to with the other packages. The price includes all materials needed. $499.00 per month & up depending on the problem and situation.
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I don’t think I can explain how much I needed this reading today. Isabella’s voice is so calming and at the same time she went into so much detail tha...t provided me with so much clarity and gave me so much peace. Right of the bet she picked up my energy and was spot on without me saying anything to her, highly recommend! Show more
Replied: Aug 31, 2022
California Spiritual wellness LLC.
Thank you Thaina! So glad we met. 🔮🙏🏻🔮
There isn’t an issue she can’t handle- I needed help with self growth, legal issue, work and relationship. She helped me grow into my spiritual self a... step at a time now I am more awaken then I was before, help me understand the purpose of my relationship with partners and her guidance with my legal issue was mostly comforting. On Aug 15 my life was upside down and was in so much pain emotionally that when I called her she helped me by the end of the day I felt this heavy weight lifted and knew it was her helping me heal. Since then things are slowly coming into place and would recommend her to anyone! She has a gift that truly heals and helps people. Show more
Replied: Aug 31, 2022
California Spiritual wellness LLC.
Awe!! Thank you Reyna! 😘😘💖💖🔮✨
Love Isabella very accurate sincere and all good energy!! 👍
Replied: Aug 26, 2022
California Spiritual wellness LLC.
Thank you so much! So happy I could help advise you! Stay positive and let your light shine! ✨✨✨✨✨
I came here around 8 months ago with so many questions and concerns. Isabella answered all my questions with detail and made predictions that I’ve all... come true. I deal with severe anxiety and some confidence issues. After speaking with Isabella it made it very clear that I was on the right path and she gave me a couple of pointers and tips which I did take and everything turned out so well. I highly suggest you give her a call if you’re having any issues at all. She’s really intuitive when it comes up to Business/career. She gave me so many answers and knew so many things that I literally had never told anyone. She also gave me a few visions about my love life, she is amazing! Thanks Isabella xo Show more
My experience with Isabella was amazing. She was very professional and very responsive at all times. Anytime I had a question she answered it and was ...always there to take my calls. We worked out a schedule that we would speak weekly and that was really nice due to the fact that in the past other psychics and spell casters did not do that and they would also ignore my calls. With Isabella that never was the case. Within two months my entire life has completely turned around. She’s not only helpful with relationships but she’s very hands-on when it comes up to helping her clients better themselves. She was really inspirational for me and help me decide to change from the inside out. Since working with her I have not only achieved so many different goals but also I have been able to maintain positive energy throughout my entire life. I’m so thankful that I had the chance to work with her. If you’re looking for help, look no further. She really is the best! Show more
We talked every day but her predictions were blurred cause none of them came true, or the things she said did happen during that time were not true as... well. I followed her instructions but my case was too much to handle. Nice girl, but I'm out $1900 with no results. I'll never go to someone who isn't guaranteed or money back anymore, it's better to go with someone is 100% confident. I had no choice but to let her go and find a healer that knows the depth of the real problem and is guaranteed. Show more
Everything she said about me was the truth
Isabella is just amazing. The first time I went to her was 10 plus years ago during the start of when my life had a lot of ups and downs. Isabella wa...s such a welcoming and positive presence in my life when I needed guidance the most, she has always been there for me. I will continual to work with her. I can call her anytime and she has always return my calls, I had never gone to a psychic for help but I did as she directed and helpful. She gave me daily instructions and advised me on what/what not to do. And I’m so grateful for her help. I can’t express how grateful I am for all that you’ve done so far for me. Thank you so much!! And I will continual to work with her because she really cares. I've made the most amazing connections with Isabella. To be able to see through life's muddy messes in all aspects of what life throws my way is such a peace of mind and more. She has been spot on everything, and gave a detailed explanation of my situation. 5 Stars always and thank you again!!! Show more
I admittedly was very apprehensive when I first called here. Isabella was the 3rd person I hired for love spells, so when she started my case I wasn’t... the easiest client to deal with. After some time it was very apparent to me that she was truly gifted and a woman of her word. She spoke to me daily, making me feel really comfortable and at ease. She was able to completely change what I was going through in my relationship. Thanks to her my partner and I are doing the best we ever have. She is also a true supporter of the lgbt community. My girlfriend and I are doing so well and we are now talking about marriage and children. I honestly could not be more grateful for Bella. She’s brutally honest though so keep that in mind when you call her. She’s not going to tell you what you want to hear that’s for sure but I appreciated every minute of honesty from her because it really opened my eyes to some mistakes I was making on my end. Thanks Bella, I’ll speak to you soon. xo! Show more
I started with Bella about a month and 5 days ago, so far its been an interesting difficult but learning experience. She has helped me immensely, guid...ed me, given me strength clarity when I needed it the most. In a month alone I had to toughen up and overcome so much. Im slowly beginning to control my thoughts, my insecurities, doubts and fears. With Bella by my side I have managed to center myself and I now am able to believe. Not just in me, but in love, in energy, in the universe, in change. In that I have control of my own life and happiness. Bella helped me believe with her constant caring, pep talks, tough love, kindness, authenticity, determination and nonstop fighting to reach the ultimate goal. Soon with Bella by my side my goal shall also be reached. Can’t express how grateful I am for all that you’ve done so far for me. You’re amazing, thank you Bella. 🖤🙏🏽🌙 Show more
Very honest person. totally recommend her.
As a victim of the Phillips psychic fortune-teller fraudulent, endless money campaigns, I am writing this review. The #1 Love Spell Caster, Love Spec...ialist, Vivian or whatever she has chosen to refer to herself these days, is a lair. This woman ingratiated herself into nearly every aspect of my life, but especially my bank account and then, her manufactured lies became crystal clear. Her so called psychic work never worked on my behalf. But, requests for money continued more and more and more. At the time, in 2016, I realized that I had been taken to the bank - a criminal attorney was hired. Then, this once so called "psychic adviser not in any form of love matters" created a pin doll to inflict me with witchcraft spells. Show more
Bella Is a fantastic reader psychic. she is on point she's honest straightforward and caring. Thank you
My experience with Isabella is one that I never would've believed until experiencing it for myself. I went to her for answers about my career. I was l...ost, never knew what I really wanted to do. So, my first visit was amazing, she knew and described things that blew my mind! That ONE visit led to many, many more (Lord knows I needed it). Isabella worked with me every day for 5 months. She was very passionate about helping me and kept me motivated the whole time. In these 5 months, I have done a lot of growing and learning. I now have an open mind and a better understanding of myself and how powerful my thoughts and actions are. Oh, and yes, I KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO AS A CAREER NOW! Isabella has become a great friend. I can't thank her enough for what I would describe as "saving my life"! Show more
First time going to see her...I was a little nervous and worried about what would happen, but it turned out that everything that she had to say was ri...ght on point. She knew only my name and date of birth and she knew everything about me. My hopes, dreams, love life and family life. She was very honest and open with me. I will most differently be back and most likely sooner then later.. Show more
very difficult to understand her interpretations. her mood was swinging during the reading from a completely sugar coating positive atmosphere to a pl...ace of doom and destitution. she was fitting the "visions" according to the reactions of the client. she has more questions than answers. avoid he Show more
Replied: Aug 20, 2013
California Spiritual wellness LLC.
Hello Gaston, I am so sorry to hear that you were dissatisfied with your experience and reading.. If I would have Known you were unhappy with my predictions & Services I have have made sure that you didn't pay for anything.. With that being said I would like to offer a full refund to you in the hopes that you will have some sort of positive experience with your visit to the Bakersfield Psychic Reader.. I apologize If you didn't understand me or that you thought I was simply reading your reactions and I hope to one day get the chance to redeem my self to you! When you are ready to receive your refund please contact me @ BfPsychicIsabella@gmail.com or Isabella@bakersfieldpsychic.com you can also reach me at (661)340-2090. I am very sorry again. Have A great day and weekend, May god bless you and those You love! Bakersfield Psychic, Isabella Williams.
Bella! yeah she's awesome and really good she is really helping and has helped me see and open my eyes to what I never knew. I truly believe i was led... to her for a reason and that is for a better brighter road. Thank you Bella for everything I honestly feel a strong connection with her and would reccomend her to anyone who has questions or guidance to their life. she is a truly good hearted gifted person. Show more