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Balayage is a hair coloring technique, not a specific hair color. This trendy hair coloring application creates brighter hues around the face with blended roots and lighter ends. The word Balayage is French and means to paint or sweep. It ultimately is a way to achieve a naturally blended look that appears as though you have been at the beach all summer.  Balayage is generally performed by a licensed cosmetologist who is familiar with the technique. This application is best for those with lighter hair; however, it can be done on anyone. It is considered low maintenance and easy to manage.  Speak with your colorist to see if this is the right choice for your hair. Balayage may or may not be a good fit for your hair, depending on its type of condition. Although it is typically associated with blonde hair, it can be used to create espresso, caramel, or even pastel tones.  Booking a Balayage Appointment in Dallas To make a balayage appointment in Dallas with Booksy, log into your account on the website or app. Enter the word Balayage into the search bar at the top with the city you need. The search will return the best balayage in Dallas for you to choose from and book. After you click the BOOK button, enter your needed day and time, and then confirm your appointment.  How Does a Colorist Perform the Balayage Technique? Colorists do the balayage technique by freehand painting the hair. Unlike other hair color applications, balayage is not done with foils. The colorist will hand-select which sections they paint. Balayage is commonly done with bleach and involves toner or gloss too.  Before the process is started, the colorist will evaluate the hair and the condition it is in. From there, the colorist will section off the hair that will be painted. This part will take 1 to 2 hours, depending on how much hair you have. Once the coloring part is over, expect to sit under the dryer for about 1 to 2 hours. This part may be skipped if you have fragile hair, or the coloring will be subtle. If so,, you may wait 15 to 45 minutes before rinsing the coloring out.  After the rinse, the colorist will apply a protein treatment and a gloss to restore moisture. This will take about 10 minutes. From this point, you will be ready for your possible trim and blow-drying. How to Find the Best Balayage in Dallas? Finding a balayage hair salon in Dallas with Booksy is quick and easy to navigate. In just a few clicks, enter the service, city, and date for a list of balayage hair salons. You will be able to read reviews and pricing as well as visit the salon' business page. How Much Does Balayage Cost? Balayage is not highlighting, so you can't expect it to cost the same. It can range in pricing due to the condition of the hair and how much hair is painted.  How Do I Find a Balayage Hair Salon Open Now? To find a balayage colorist open now in Dallas, you can go to their business page to see their days and hours they are open. You will also be able to get directions, read about the hair salon, and contact them if you need.  Cheap Balayage Hair Salons in Dallas Searching the Booksy site or app for a cheap balayage hair salon is super easy with Booksy. Just go to the search bar on the website or the app and enter the service, city, and the day you need. In seconds, you will have available balayage hair salons in Dallas. Once you choose the hair salon you want, hit the "Book" button. The Best Places to Get Balayage Near Me To find balayage colorists near you, enter your city and search. All the available balyage hair salons will be shown for booking. Simply choose the salon you want and book your balayage appointment.