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Only a stone’s throw away from the lively and bustling metropolis of New York City, Newark, New Jersey is The Garden State’s largest city, home to more than 300,000 residents. Newark is much less hectic than the Big Apple but offers many similar historic locations and an endless list of things to do. That being said, if you’re currently located here, you’ll have no issue in finding anything you need, and that includes locating a great barber in Newark, NJ! But how to find a barber near me? The best method you can use to search for and book appointments with barbers near you is by using the Booksy app, which is an easy-to-use tool that is designed for locating providers and booking health, beauty, and wellness services online. What is a barbershop and what types of services are offered there? Think of a barbershop as an establishment that is similar to a hair salon—the only difference here is that a barbershop traditionally focuses more on men’s hairstyles whereas a hair salon concentrates more on women’s looks. However, gender no longer plays an important role in who can visit a barbershop these days. In fact, anyone with the desire to get a short haircut can book an appointment with a local barber and indulge in some of their most popular haircare services. Upon visiting a barbershop, you’ll find an extensive service menu of different treatments for the hair and more! The most classic barbershop treatment is a haircut, of which there are many varied styles to choose from. You can select from looks like a classic crew cut, a French crop, a buzz cut, a faux hawk, a fade, a Caesar cut, and many others. Additionally, if you want to switch up your look even further, you can opt for a hair coloring treatment in the form of single-process color or choose something like highlights to add some contrast to your hair. Many barbershops also offer other varieties of hair treatments, aside from cutting and coloring, which can include procedures like keratin hair treatments or hair masks. There is also the world of beard treatments, which is a specialty for barbers across the globe. If you’re looking to clean up your beard, then a barber is the right professional to turn to for services that involve beard shaping, beard coloring, beard trimming, and beard sculpting—and the same goes for mustache treatments!  How do I choose the best barbershop in Newark, NJ?  On your Booksy journey, you’ll not only want to find out how to find a barber in Newark, NJ, but you’ll also want to find the best barber near me. Regardless, starting off with a search via Booksy’s search engine bar is the best way to begin. Fill out all three search fields using your information, so that Booksy can present you with the most accurate results. Once you’ve done so, you can sort your results by the “Top Reviewed” options, or you can browse through client reviews to find the top barbershops.  How do I find barbershops near me open now?  Can Booksy help me find barbershops near my location, open now? We’re glad you asked—yes! Finding currently open barbershops is easier than ever before if you’re booking with Booksy. Within the “When?” field in the search bar, choose a timeframe that is closest to the current one. By selecting an option that is closest to the current time and date, you’ll be shown options of nearby barbershops that are currently open, right now. That way, you’ll be able to instantly browse through a selection of barbershops that you can visit immediately. Barbershop near me Whether you need to find a currently open barbershop, find a nearby establishment, or locate the best barber around, Booksy is at your service and ready to assist you with all your booking needs! The Booksy search engine bar is the perfect starting point for helping you find a barbershop in Newark, NJ, as well as hundreds of other treatments and services—and you’ll only need to provide us with three pieces of information! Just specify what you’re searching for (barbershop), where you’re located (Newark, New Jersey), and a suitable date and time for your booking, and we’ll give you everything you need to schedule an appointment with the click of a button.   Articles Mens Fade Haircut Should I Get a Buzz Cut? Mens Curly Haircuts Best Mustache Styles Popular Mens Haircuts Beard trends