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San Diego, CA is home to a vast amount of barbershops. It can be a daunting task to have to call the barbershop each time you need a service done. That is why, through Booksy, you now have the ability to book an appointment online for barbershops nearby! Barbers offer a range of services including anything from a simple haircut to a coloring service. Book a Barbershop Appointment Online in San Diego, CA Booksy is an online appointment scheduler that can be used on the web or by downloading an application on your phone. They specialize in booking appointments for hair salons, barbershops, massage services, and nail salons. This will reduce the possibility of a mistake being made by a phone conversation by allowing your to see your appointment yourself! Booksy makes it possible for your to view your appointments anytime and anywhere so that you can plan your day accordingly! You can also use this app or website to compare pricing, view open appointments, and search for a barber near you. Not Sure What a Barber Does? Barbers specialize in servicing primarily men's hair. They typically offer services such as a buzz cut, razor lineup, beard trim, shave, facial, gentlemen's cut, low and high pompadour, a fade, and many others. Their list of services and descriptions are as follows: Low pompadour: hair is tapered at the neck and sideburns and slicked back leaving just enough hair in the front to stand up. Skin fade: hair cut with a straight razor on the sides and blended or faded to the top at your preferred length. Caesar: Your hair will be even in length all over and combed to the front. Buzz: The barber will use the same size clipper to cut the hair on your entire head. Gentleman's: The gentleman's cut is a standard men's haircut that is shorter on the sides and just a little taken off the top. How to Choose the Best Barber in San Diego, CA Booksy makes it incredibly easy to compare barbers in San Diego using a number of their features. Using this website or app, you have the ability to sort barbers by customer reviews. Because of this feature, it is possible to create a valuable and reliable list of the best barbers in San Diego, CA. How much Does a Barber Cost? The price of your barbershop session will depend on the service you receive. In San Diego, CA, the services cost around: Haircut: $25.00 during the day and $28.00 after 7PM. Razor Line-Ups: $15.00 during the day and $16.00 after 7PM. Beard/Goatee Trim: $15.00 during the day and $16.00 after 7PM. Threading: $12.00 during the day and $14.00 after 7PM. Elite Shave: $45.00 during the day and $47.00 after 7PM. A general rule of thumb is the longer your services take to do, the more they will cost. The skill level of the barber and the difficulty level of your service will also affect the price you pay. Services usually include a neck-clean up with a razor and sometimes a wash and dry. How to Find Barbers Open Now Looking for barbershops open now? Using Booksy, you will have access to the times each individual barbershop is open. This will give you another idea of which shop is best for you and your availability. Cheap Barber in San Diego, CA Using Booksy, you can easily find the cheapest and best barbers in your area. This app or website enables you to filter your search results to show the best special pricing offers for barbershops. From there, you can easily see their available open hours, the services they provide, and the cost of those services. Barbers Near Me/You At the top of Booksy's page is a search box that says "Book your services..." When you search for what you want, there are two more boxes at the bottom that will ask for the desired location and time that you prefer. Using this feature, you can easily look for barbers closest to you! Booksy has taken the appointment booking world to a whole new level! With this app or website, you are able to research ready-made data on different barbershops and choose the one that is best for you. Not only that, but you will have the capability of booking your appointment right there with no phone conversation! You can also elect to have the app send you appointment reminders so you never have to worry about missing it! Download this app today to experience all the wonderful benefits! Articles Mens Fade Haircut Should I Get a Buzz Cut? Mens Curly Haircuts Best Mustache Styles Popular Mens Haircuts Beard trends