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Located just thirty miles outside of Chicago, Joliet, Illinois is one of the fastest growing cities within the Chicago metropolitan radius. Joliet originally became recognized as a major Midwest transportation and shipping hub, however, it quickly expanded into becoming an urban area that’s known for its waterfront casinos and NASCAR tracks. But besides these types of attractions, in Joliet, you’ll find all the everyday conveniences you could possibly need, including barbershops. But before you begin wasting time searching for “barbers near me” in the city of Joliet, we encourage you to take a look on Booksy, where you’ll easily be able to discover and schedule appointments at some of the best barbershops in Joliet! What is a barbershop and what types of services are offered there? If you’re on the hunt for a great barber near you, you’re likely already familiar with the concept of barbershops. But for those who aren’t sure of a barbershop’s exact functions, we’ll break down the various types of services that you’ll be able to book there! In general, barbershops are a type of business that provides their clients with haircutting and hairstyling services that are tailored to men. At a given barbershop, you’ll find an entire menu of different treatments, which we’ll describe below! HAIRSTYLING SERVICES The most popular and frequently booked services at barbershops are none other than hairstyling services and treatments. A haircut is the most common service type (of which there are countless styles), but there are also many other hair-related services that you can indulge in. Some of these treatment types include hair dyeing, hair braiding, shampooing, styling, keratin treatments, perms, and other similar services, all of which are designed to give your locks a major refresh. FACIAL HAIR SERVICES If you want to handle your facial hair, you’ll also be able to do so at a barbershop. Other than dealing with the hair that grows on your head, barbers also put a large focus on maintaining and grooming facial hair. A hot towel shave is a barbershop classic that will leave you with a smooth and clean shave but will also provide you with a relaxing experience. But there are also treatments like beard coloring, beard sculpting, and beard trimming to revitalize the appearance of your beard or mustache. ADDITIONAL SERVICES While hair styling and facial hair services may be the two main areas of focus of barbershops, many establishments also provide their client base with miscellaneous beauty and wellness treatments. Because of this, a barbershop can be the perfect place to visit to take care of your nails through a manicure, rejuvenate your body with a massage, thoroughly cleanse your skin via a multi-step facial treatment, or even clean up your eyebrows with a waxing or threading service.  How do I choose the best barbershop in Joliet?  There’s no need to wonder what the best barbershops in Joliet are when you can find them in a flash with Booksy’s easy-to-use search engine toolbar. Step one is to complete the information in the search bar fields to view your results—and step two consists of browsing through your listings and reading client reviews to find the top barbershops. For additional assistance, you can also use the “Sort by” filter to locate the best picks!  How do I find barbershops near me open now?  If you’re only interested in viewing currently open options of barbershops in Joliet, Booksy can also help you with that! Fill out the search bar fields, as indicated by the field prompts, however, when you get to the “When?” box, select a timeframe that is closest to the current local time and date. Doing this will instantly allow you to browse through listings that are open for business right now. Barbershop near me Booksy serves many different purposes, but one of the best reasons to use Booksy is the ease of finding nearby barbershops. Just give our clever search engine tool information on what it is that you’re looking for, where you’re currently located, and what appointment timeslot works best for you. Afterward, you can book from your array of available listings or use tools like “Filters and Localization” and “Map View” to delve deeper into your search.   Articles Mens Fade Haircut Should I Get a Buzz Cut? Mens Curly Haircuts Best Mustache Styles Popular Mens Haircuts Beard trends