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Although the art of coloring hair knows no gender, hair coloring services such as dyeing or highlighting, are primarily catered to women in salons across the world. However, that’s not to say men can’t enjoy and indulge in a coloring treatment as well! Over the years, hair dyeing treatments have become more and more popular in barbershops, and these days, many barbers even offer beard coloring services too. Dyeing your beard doesn’t take more than a simple visit to your local barbershop! If you’re interested in finding a nearby barbershop that offers beard coloring in San Antonio, you won’t have to look any further—just use the Booksy app. By downloading the Booksy mobile application to your Android or iOS phone, you’ll be able to start a search, discover beard coloring services near you, and book an appointment, all in one go. What is beard coloring and how does it work? Hair dyeing, in general, has been around for a substantial number of years, with its first modern-day discovery dating back all the way to 1863. Though there is evidence of certain cultures like the ancient Egyptians using henna to dye their locks back in the day, the 1800s were a significant turning point in the hair dye world, with the accidental creation of the first synthesized dye. As hair coloring trends have continued to evolve throughout the years, by way of introducing new concepts from highlights to ombre to balayage, it’s not surprising that hair dyeing would eventually reach the male market, developing into the creation of beard coloring. Beard coloring is essentially exactly what it sounds to be—it is the process of applying a dye to the facial hair in order to change its color. The process of beard coloring is practically identical to that of dyeing the hair on your head. Your barber will mix together a customized color formula to create a natural-looking effect that fits with your desired outcome. Once the correct shade has been concocted, the formula will be thoroughly applied to your entire beard and will be left to sit for some time to process. After the specified amount of time has passed, your barber will rinse the beard dye off your facial hair. Optionally, you can choose to get your beard maintained or trimmed to complete an overall polished look. The benefits of getting a beard coloring treatment include returning your facial hair to a uniform color, whether you’re looking to cover gray hairs or even out a patchy, uneven-toned beard. Likewise, getting a beard coloring treatment done professionally at a barbershop can help ensure a high-quality result that’ll look its best. In general, you can expect a beard coloring treatment to last roughly around two to three weeks before you’ll need a touch-up session.  How do I choose the best beard coloring treatment in San Antonio?  See which barbershops near you offer beard coloring treatments in San Antonio on Booksy! To get going, visit or launch the Booksy mobile application and complete the search bar fields. After you’ve done so, your results will be generated beneath—all of which you can scroll through and read customer reviews about. Reading customer reviews is the best way of finding the best businesses, but if you’d prefer to take a shortcut route, simply use the “Sort by” button to arrange your available listings. Beard coloring near me Keep your neighborhood businesses in the palm of your hand with the Booksy app! There (or on the web version), you can use the search bar and find local businesses by filling in the blank fields. The three most important pieces of information you’ll want include the name of the service you’re searching for (beard coloring), where you are located (San Antonio, Texas), and your pick for an appointment timeframe. Then, just look through your local options or use the “Filters and Localization” tool to narrow down your search to a unique zip code. Similarly, you can use our “Map View” button, if you’d like to see your selection of listings presented to you on a digital map.