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  • Jeff Perea @ Tymeless

    9.8 mi Night Whisper Rd NW, 5740, Albuquerque, 87114

    Lady facial


    Gentlemen facial

    The relaxation begins. The facial consist of clean hot towels soaked in essential oils being applied to the face. Any unwanted hair removed and a deep facial scrub massaged into your face. Hot towels used to remove all visible residue and then a mask offered to deep clean pores and address dryness or oily skin. Finally a cold compress applied to seal pores of face. Enjoy.

    Razor fade w/ or w/o line up

    The closest you can possibly get on the sides and back (straight razor or electric razor) faded into your desired length on top (texturized or not). A lineup is offered also any type of hard part or design line also is available. There is many variations on a fade ( drop fades, v cuts, eurofades etc.) FYI pictures always help achieve a look.