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Belly Button Piercing Tampa

When thinking of belly button piercings, perhaps the first thing to come to mind is the early aughts in all its crop top- and low-rise-jean wearing glory. Celebrities like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan all adorned their belly buttons with jewelry and rocketed off the trend into popularity. The fashions these days may have shifted, but sporting shiny belly jewelry -- especially in a two piece bikini on the beach -- still sparkles.

What is Belly Button Piercing?

Belly button piercing is a form of body modification by puncturing or cutting a part of the navel and creating an opening into which jewelry is put. The type of jewelry people use varies, however most subscribe to captive bead rings and barbells for adornment.

How Long Does Belly Button Piercing Take to Get Done?

You won’t need to lay in the chair for long -- the entire piercing and cleaning process will be swift, most likely under 10-15 minutes maximum.

How Long Does Belly Button Piercing Last?

As long as you keep up with the health of the belly button and taking proper care of the piercing it should last. Remember to keep the jewelry in!

How Much Does Belly Button Piercing Cost in Tampa?

Belly button piercings typically cost between $25-$70, with the price varying dependent upon if the piercer includes jewelry for it.

Where to Get Belly Button Piercing in Tampa

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