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Where Can I Get a Brazilian Wax Near Me?

There are plenty of salons that offer Brazilian waxing in Dallas. Fortunately, is a free and easy-to-use platform that allows you to narrow down your options quickly. Simply type in "Brazilian wax" and "Dallas" in their designated search boxes, and you'll instantly be shown multiple results, ranging from top ratings to lower ratings, as well as different prices and appointment time options. There is a blue "Book Now" button that lets you easily select and book an appointment. In addition to finding the best place to get a Brazilian wax, will help you find the best bikini wax. What Is a Brazilian Wax? A Brazilian wax is a method of waxing the pubic bone, external genitals, upper thighs and around the anus. Hot or cold wax can be used, but hot wax is the preferred method. Then, either a cloth strip is applied to the wax, or the wax is allowed to dry on it's own. After it's dry, you'll take a deep breath and hope it doesn't hurt too much when the wax is removed. You can choose if you want to leave hair on certain areas or have the area waxed completely bald. Some women choose to leave a landing strip or a triangle patch of hair on their pubic bone. Waxing only the panty-line and upper thighs is called a Bikini Wax, and is recommended for those who are looking to wear a swimsuit without the worry of any hair peeking out. How Much Does It Cost? A Brazilian Wax in Dallas can cost anywhere from $45 to $65, and takes less than an hour. A Bikini Wax in Dallas will cost less, $25 to $30 and will only take about 15 or 20 minutes. How Do I Prepare For a Brazilian Wax? First, you'll have to allow your hair to grow out so that it's long enough for the wax to grip it properly. For those of us who are used to shaving, this can be an uncomfortable process, but it's necessary. It should only take a couple of weeks for your hair to reach a quarter of an inch long. However, the longer the hair, the better the wax will grip, and it may be less painful. You'll want to exfoliate the area beforehand, and bring some cleaning wipes with you if you're worried about feeling self-conscious baring it all to a stranger. It may help to take a couple of ibuprofen beforehand, or even a glass of wine or some anxiety medicine if you're feeling extra nervous. Most importantly, take a deep breath. Hyping yourself up too much is going to make the experience worse than if you approach it casually. Does a Brazilian Wax Hurt? Any type of waxing is bound to hurt some, because the hair is being pulled out by its roots. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, and some women don't mind the main at all. It should never be so bad that you can't walk out of your appointment. A Brazilian Wax is likely to hurt more than a Bikini Wax, as it covers more surface area and gets closer to the more sensitive parts. Over time, if you get waxed on any semi-frequent kind of basis, you should experience lower levels of pain. It is also common for hair to grow back thinner after waxing, so that should make it hurt less each time. What Qualifications Do Brazilian Waxers Have? The person who will be responsible for giving you a Brazilian or a Bikini wax will hold either a cosmetology license or an esthetician license from the state. This takes between three months to a year to acquire, as well as some experience practicing. Since sorts by ratings and customer reviews, you are bound to be in good hands. Be sure to read other customer reviews and check out pictures of their previous work so that you can get a good idea of what you're getting yourself into and be confident in your decision.