Brazilian Hair Straightening near me in Columbus, OH (2)

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  • Nicole Savvy

    5.8 mi 3445 E. Livingston Ave., Columbus, 43227
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    Smoothing System (Straight Request)


    Chihtsai olive instant treatment

    What it is: Olive Instant Treatment softens your hair while imparting it with shine and bounce. This product contains Olive Oil, D-Panthenol, Rosemary, and Silk Protein. D-Panthenol revitalizes the hair and silk proteins deposits moisture deep into the hair shaft and mends split ends. Rosemary is an emollient to the hair. This deep penetrating hair treatment heals and protects the hairs shafts. It's heat protection properties make this product suitable for thermal styling.

    Tape in Hair Extensions

    “Tape-ins a really quick way to add volume, or length to your hair, but they're also great for people that want brighter pops of color when their hair can't necessarily handle color. For example, if you have really fine hair and have always dreamed of having lighter colored strands, but your hair can’t handle going lighter without breakage, you can try tape-ins that are slightly brighter than your natural hair color to brighten everything up. Tape-ins can also be a good option for anyone who wants to hide their breakage as it grows out.
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