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Your eyes are the focal point of your facial beauty. People remember your eyes most about your appearance. You can buy many over-the-counter mascara, false eyelashes, and lash serums are available. But professional cosmetologists and salons offer more effective and long-lasting enhancements. Book an eyebrow and lashes appointment online in Booksy Booksy is a free online app for scheduling beautician appointments. Regardless of your location, at home, or traveling, on Booksy you can schedule an appointment with a specialist in eyebrows and lashes near you. Services are found, described for you, and easily scheduled within seconds. You enter in the online form your requested service, location, and the date and time you want the appointment. What does an eyebrow and lashes specialist do? Do we need eyebrows and eyelashes? Indeed, we do because they serve very important functions. They are not put there simply for aesthetic purposes. Your brows are located on the ridge of the superciliary arch. Your upper and lower eyelids meet at the lateral and medial canthi. Your eyebrow and lashes protect your eye from dust and debris. Glands secrete protective and lubricating substances. Eyebrows channel sweat and rain away from your eyes. Some might include brows in the communication category because they serve as nonverbal expression. Eyelashes serve as sensors to warn of the proximity of foreign objects causing reflexive action. They also filter out dust and other airborne material. Therefore, any eyebrow and lash treatment must be moderated and careful to not impede their natural functions. Cosmetologists and salons treat the following common conditions of eyebrows and lashes. • Sparse eyebrows. This condition results from a lack of fullness or uneven distribution of follicle distribution. • Eyebrow shape. Both follicle distribution and length cause distorted eyebrow shape. • Eyelash length. Lash length is controlled by follicle genetics. • Eyelash volume. Volume is dictated by follicle density. • Sparse eyelashes. This can be caused by one or a combination of too few follicles and poor distribution of follicles. These are some of the tools eyebrow and lashes specialists employ to deal with those conditions. • Makeup such as powder, pencil, or gel can thicken the appearance of your brows. • Color your brows to match your (changing) hair color. • Shape your brow by plucking but don’t over-pluck. • Eyelash and brow tinting with a permanent dye. • Lash and brow lifting by combing lashes to a silicone shield and applying an adhesive while a chemical is applied. It lasts about six to eight weeks. • Microblading, sometimes known as brow tattooing with a needle, where a permanent pigment is tattooed into the skin. It lasts for years. • Ombre powder brows do the same thing as microblading but does so with a machine that is less invasive. • Eyebrow and eyelash lamination is a chemical treatment with a perming cream brushed into the brow so it can be sculpted. • Eyelash perm where the lashes are coated with an adhesive and rolled on curlers. Chemicals are then applied to sustain the curl for one to two months. Caution is urged Some of the listed procedures can be harmful to the natural functions of brows and lashes. In some states, only licensed cosmetologists can administer them. Booksy does not filter its listing by state legal restrictions. You should consider the risks of each procedure to your eye health. The risks are self-evident where the procedure involves the application of adhesives, dyes, or other chemicals so close to your eye. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has no regulatory jurisdiction over salons. But they warn that brow and lash lamination, adhesives, chemicals, and color additives for permanent or semi-permanent eyelash and eyebrow enhancements are known to cause serious eye injuries, including blindness. How to choose the best specialist for lashes and brows in Brooklyn With Booksy, you can identify the best specialist for eyelashes near you in whatever city you are in. Booksy will sort available eyebrow and lashes specialists by posted reviews so you can rate them. We will also sort your search by mileage to eyebrow and lashes places near you. How much does a eyebrow and lashes specialist cost? We identified over 350 eyebrow and lashes specialists near you in the Brooklyn area and calculated the average fees for eyebrow and lashes services. The average price for our sampling of 13 providers was $143. However, that sampling included some expensive treatments like lifts, ombre powder, and microblading. The average price of routine brow and eyelid treatments was $55. Finding a cheap eyebrow and lashes specialists in Brooklyn Our app will sort eyebrow and lashes specialists in Brooklyn by top reviews, location, price, and other criteria. Find a eyebrow and lashes specialist near you Download our Booksy app on our website and schedule an appointment with a beauty expert in Brooklyn. If you are looking for eyelashes and brows services near you Booksy lists the eyebrow and lashes specialists in your location, their offered services, and their prices. On our app, we entered the term eyebrow and lashes specialists. It produced a long list of contacts including their name, website, location, offered services, and prices. Conclusion Booksy will help you find the beauty specialists that best suits your needs. 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