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    Head to Toe Healing

    7.1 mi 667 Montgomery St, Jersey City, 07305

    15 lymphatic Sessions or Lymphatic Spa Party

    This is a promotion that we are offering right now to start our new cryotherapy office
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    Yesterday Price is Today Price

    last year price is today’s price is our gift to you for the month of November
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    A Tailored Massage

    Swedish is medium to light pressure techniques with light stretching. Sport is medium to firm pressure techniques with a focus on stretching. Deep Tissue is firm to intense pressure with stretching and massaging techniques
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    Deep, Swedish or Sport massage
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  • Health Cupping

    16.0 mi 34 E 7th St, Clifton, 07011

    body detox

    10-12 cups placed on the back focusing on the major organs. This cupping will improve overall health, help relieve anxiety, make you less lazy, improve energy, the body will feel lighter, improved cardiovascular health, reduce acne,reduce stress, relieve tension, improve muscle recovery and function. It is highly recommended that the patient have the cupping done on an empty stomach.


    4-7 cups Cupping therapy can be highly comforting. It provides relief from chronic pain, helps reduce stress, and allows you to relax. When combined with acupuncture, this therapy can have a detoxifying effect on the human body. The blood suction can create a sensation that helps some patients sit back, relax, and let go of the pain. The entire process can be very soothing. Cupping therapy can be an effective method of curing your back and neck pain. It also has some other advantages, such as regulation in blood circulation, relaxation of muscles, and improvement in the digestive system.

    Body detox + Neck

    1h 10min
    body detox