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  • South Tampa Acupuncture, Dr. Ashley Heintz

    4.4 mi 3965 Henderson Blvd, Unit c, Tampa, 33629



    Wet Cupping


    Acupuncture Session, Includes Cups if Needed.

    Duration of the service is 1 hour
  • Luxe Beauty Studio LLC

    3.8 mi 3715 W Horatio St, Tampa, 33609





    call for hours, All services reserved by card

  • Spa ZenAura Massage

    8.8 mi 9658 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, FL, 33626

    Cupping Therapy

    Cupping therapy is an ancient technique utilizing cups to create suction and manipulate the tissue. This techn...ique pulls toxins, reduces inflammation, loosens scar tissue and increases circulation. Cupping also helps with deep muscular issues, increases range of motion and effective on cellulite. This treatment will leave circular spots on the treated area, however, there is no pain.
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    Massage and Facial Deal

    This special includes a 1-hour Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage and Brightening Facial.

    Swedish Massage

    Let us ease your body and mind with our traditional Swedish massage. Long, flowing strokes are used to nurture... your awareness and connection. It is a wonderful treatment for anyone who is new to massage or for those who enjoy a lighter touch.
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  • Bodywork By Roger C Medrano

    3.9 mi 2835 W. De Leon St., Suite 204, Tampa, 33609

    90 Min Massage and Cupping

    Cupping has been quite popular since Michael Phelps showed cupping circle like “bruises” on his back during th...e past Olympic Games. Cupping is preformed using suctions cups that draw the skin up into the cups and away from the body which helps increase the fresh blood flow to that injured region. As stated, cupping is quite commonly used on Athletes to increase range of motion and decrease muscle pain. I place cupping into the category of Myofascial Release (MFR), which is done using slow, deep massage strokes with little to no lubricant. It is designed to warm up the strong connective tissue which lies underneath the epidermis and sometimes gets “stuck” due to atrophy, injury, bad posture or stress, thereby preventing ease of mobility. I also combine cupping and MFR together which means with the cups in place I gently move the cups over the body to simulate recovery over a larger area, this also cuts down on the suction cup marks that can be left on the body after treatment. The only general concerns with cupping is the tell-tale marks the suction cups leave on your body, I would not recommend this treatment for people that have thin skin and concerns with skin tears. Cupping has also been effective in helping lower blood pressure.
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    Cupping/Myofascial Release


    90 Min Signature Massage

    The Bodywork Signature Massage is my regular hour and a half session that includes a combination of massage st...yles and techniques called integrated therapy. Therapeutic in nature while still being a part of the relaxation massage family, Your Massage may include Hot Stones, Cupping and Stretching. Each session routine is different depending on what your body needs for that day.
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  • Royal Agape Day Spa

    15.7 mi 1894 Drew Street, Clearwater, 33765

    Muscle Soothing Biofreeze Therapy




    Royal Signature Facial

    This facial includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and customized serum and mask treatment as well as a re...juvenating neck and face massage
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Cupping in Tampa

Are you ready to try something new? Tampa is home to some phenomenal spas, salons, and holistic wellness centers, but if you’re feeling like massage and acupuncture just aren’t quite cutting it anymore, try cupping!

What is Cupping?

Cupping uses specialized cups that create suction on your skin for the purposes of drawing your blood upwards and is believed to release:

  • congested energy

  • lymph fluids

  • phlegm

  • muscle pain

Cupping practitioners used to use fire to create a suction between your skin and the cup, but don’t worry...most Tampa cupping specialists now use special cups with the suction feature built in.

Cupping can be used to treat:

  • pain

  • high blood pressure

  • cellulite

  • respiratory conditions

How Long Does a Cupping Appointment Take?

An appointment typically takes 30 minutes for cupping in Tampa, which allows for a consultation plus treatment. Once your Tampa cupping expert has taken down your history, you will lie down and cups will be placed on your skin for about 10 minutes.

And just so you know, while it might feel a little uncomfortable at first, cupping isn’t painful and in fact many people actually enjoy the sensation!

How Long Does Cupping Last?

Your neighborhood cupping practitioner (typically an acupuncturist or Chinese medicine specialist) will tell you when to come back for your next treatment, but the general rule is once those red circles have faded, you’re ready for more!

How Much Does Cupping Cost in Tampa?

In your area, cupping costs range from $40 to $100 per treatment.

Keep in mind that cupping practitioners should be fully trained in this treatment method, so paying a little extra may be worth it!

Where to Get Cupping in Tampa?

Find well-reviewed, highly respected cupping specialists near you in minutes, and book an appointment with them even faster!

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