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  • MZ Beauty Spa

    804 m 4023 W Waters Ave #11, Tampa, FL, 33614

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    Two Facials



  • Spa ZenAura Massage

    8.8 mi 9658 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, FL, 33626


    Deeply relaxing and healing, this ancient wellness technique releases tension and fatigue through compression ...on reflex points in the hands and feet. This treatment includes a neck and shoulder massage as well.
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    Massage and Facial Deal

    This special includes a 1-hour Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage and Brightening Facial.

    Swedish Massage

    Let us ease your body and mind with our traditional Swedish massage. Long, flowing strokes are used to nurture... your awareness and connection. It is a wonderful treatment for anyone who is new to massage or for those who enjoy a lighter touch.
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  • Bodywork By Roger C Medrano

    3.9 mi 2835 W. De Leon St., Suite 204, Tampa, 33609

    Reflexology Foot Treatment


    90 Min Signature Massage

    The Bodywork Signature Massage is my regular hour and a half session that includes a combination of massage st...yles and techniques called integrated therapy. Therapeutic in nature while still being a part of the relaxation massage family, Your Massage may include Hot Stones, Cupping and Stretching. Each session routine is different depending on what your body needs for that day.
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    Massage and Wax

    Package Includes: • Men's Full Brazilian or Combo Back and Shoulder Wax • 90 Minute Bodywork Signature Massage
  • Traveling service

    Purple Rain IV Wellness Bar.

    5.1 mi 3347 S. West Shore Blvd #4, Tampa, FL, 33629

    Rockstar IV & Anti-Aging Facial

    Get in touch today to book our anti-aging IV with vitamin C and B complex (and many more vitamins!) for your s...kin, hair, & body. At the same time, receive an anti-aging facial using steam extractions, custom mask, & LED light therapy all while receiving a head to toe massage in our massage chairs! Something you’ll never forget! The perfect Christmas gift for that person who already has “everything”! They will look and feel like a rockstar once we are through!
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    Fountain of Youth

    This anti-aging infusion is formulated with glutathione (antioxidant), L-Carnitine, vitamin B complex, vitamin... C, magnesium chloride, and more. We will work together to repair and regenerate new cells within your body. You will feel and look great since this vitamin drip offers a 100% absorption rate.
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    The Warrior

    This IV is for fitness fanatics! It delivers enzymes, vitamins, and amino acids that are designed to give your... body everything it needs to repair and rebuild muscles faster. You will notice better muscle recovery after receiving this vitamin drip.
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  • Royal Agape Day Spa

    15.7 mi 1894 Drew Street, Clearwater, 33765

    Royal Foot Treatment

    We will soften the feet with hot towels and sugar exfoliation, then end with a therapeutic massage to soothe a...ny soreness. Includes cheese, crackers and wine.
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    Reflexology Massage

    Involves pressure to specific points or area of the feet called 'reflex point" that corresponds to specific or...gans, and other parts of the body. Helps to relieve stress pr prevent physical disorders to these corresponding areas.
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    Reflexology Massage

    Involves pressure to specific points or area of the feet called 'reflex point" that corresponds to specific or...gans, and other parts of the body. Helps to relieve stress pr prevent physical disorders to these corresponding areas.
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Reflexology in Tampa

Has jogging along the bay or wearing flip flops as you scope out restaurants in Ybor City left you with pain in your feet? Even frequent texting or simply holding up your cell phone can leave your shoulders, wrists and hands tense from overuse. Pain and tension in the hands and feet has a effect on the entire body. A reflexology massage can have your hands and feet feeling brand new again.

Reflexology focuses on pressure points and targets referred pain--meaning, pain in one area of the body caused by tension in another part. For example, many clients suffering from shoulder pain find that loosening the muscles in the arm and have reduces their shoulder pain by resolving the tension in their arms.

Book an appointment for reflexology in Tampa, Fl. today and give your hands and feet a break. They’ve earned it!

What is Reflexology?

Reflexologists target pressure points in the feet or hands that “reflect” other areas in the body, such as the head, neck, shoulders, and back. This Chinese-style massage uses various tools, such as wooden sticks, balls, and rubber bands to restore the body’s natural energy. Reflexology not only helps clients relax and targets pain in their feet, hands, and arms, but has also shown a positive response with clients suffering from:

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Asthma

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Depression and insomnia

  • Premenstrual syndrome

As with any massage, reflexologists recommend drinking water before your appointment to limit dehydration and ensure your muscles are pliable.

How Long is an Appointment for a Full Reflexology?

In Tampa, Florida, appointments for reflexology usually last 30-90 minutes. Many reflexologists schedule appointments targeting either hands or feet, but allow back-to-back appointments to target both.

How Much Does Reflexology Cost in Tampa?

In Tampa, Fl., reflexology typically costs $30 per half-hour. Often times, massage therapy centers offer discounted packages for clients interested in purchasing multiple massages in advance.

How Can I Book an Appointment for Reflexology in Tampa?

Ready to pamper your tense muscles? Check out the above listings for the best reflexologists in Tampa, Fl., or use the free Booksy app to schedule your appointment today.