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Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that has been around since at least 3600 BC—and though their true purpose back then is unclear, experts speculate that the hairstyle could have been linked to spiritual or religious traditions. This religious connection is further seen with dreadlocks over time, where they have been most commonly associated with the Rastafari movement and celebrities like Bob Marley who helped bring locks to mainstream popularity. Today, dreadlocks aren’t only a religious symbol for certain groups of people. For most people, they act as a protective hairstyle that’s installed to keep their natural hair preserved and safe from external elements. And if the thought to get dreads has ever crossed your mind, you can freely explore your options of salons that offer dreadlocks in Miami on Booksy. Simply download Booksy for Android or iOS from your mobile app store or visit booksy.com to begin! What are dreadlocks and how are they done? Dreadlocks are a specific type of protective hairstyle that requires essentially “locking” the hair into strands of hair that resemble ropes. This hairstyle is likewise colloquially referred to as “dreads” or “locks” by many people across the globe, and though they may be a well-known hairstyle today, they aren’t at all a new invention. Dreadlocks have been seen across various cultures since the beginning of time and have been utilized by a wide range of groups of people like the Aztecs, the ancient Egyptians, the Rastafarians, and even figures from the bible. Although dreadlocks can technically be formed naturally by refraining to brush the hair, modern-day dreads are usually installed using specific techniques to help the natural “locking” mechanism. There are a few ways hair professionals can install dreads and it doesn’t really matter which method is used, as the end results will be the same. So, for the sake of simplicity, we’ll describe one of the most frequented methods, called backcombing. With backcombing, your stylist will first wash and dry your hair to prepare it for dreading. Once the hair is fully dried, it’ll be separated into sections. These sections can be as large or as small as you’d like—it all depends on your personal preference and what type of look you’re going for. After parting the hair into segments, your stylist will take hair from a specific section and twist it. The twisted strand of hair will then be teased upward in a gradual motion using a comb, causing it to lock. Once your dreadlocks are installed, the process isn’t quite over yet. Following installation, dreads need time to mature. Maturation describes the process of the hair evenly and fully locking itself into the designated strands and can take anywhere from ten months to a few years. But once you’ve reached this point, it’s smooth sailing and you’ll be able to easily rock your dreads for the long run! That’s the beauty of dreadlocks, as they're basically designed to last forever, or at least until you choose to get them removed.  How do I choose the best service for dreadlocks in Miami?  Stationed in sunny Miami? We can help you find a fantastic provider for dreadlocks in your area! What you’ll need to do is launch the Booksy app or visit Booksy on the web and locate the search bar at the top of the page. There, you can complete the search bar’s fields with info relating to what you’re searching for, where you’re located, and a preferred appointment timeframe. This will prompt the Booksy search engine to present you your results—which you’ll then be able to browse through and read reviews on the available listings to decide which options are the best. Furthermore, you can click the “Sort by” button to instantly see the best salons and services by choosing “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy”. Dreadlocks near me If you’ve never used Booksy to search for local businesses before, you’ll want to in order to discover salons and professionals that offer dreadlocks in Miami. Simply use the search bar feature to begin perusing listings near you! Once your results have been generated, you can book any of the available options or continue your search with the help of the “Filters and Localization” and “Map View” buttons.   Articles Kids Hair Braiding The Most Beautiful Braid Hairstyles Celebrating the History of Black Hairstyles How To Style Natural Hair Celebrating Black Hair How to Avoid a DIY Hair Fail At Home