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  • Orens Beauty

    16.2 mi 2150 S Canalport Ave, 2A-7, Chicago, 60608

    Brow Shaping & Tint

    Waxing and tweezing to shape the brows. Tint will be applied after the shaping process. Tint lasts 1-2 weeks.

    Brow Shaping

    Waxing and tweezing to shape the brows. Brows are filled in with a brow powder or pencil. Fill in lasts up to 2 days.


    •All appointments have a 15 minute grace period if you pass the grace period your appointment will be cancelled and you will be charged half of the service. • Appointments needs to be canceled within an 48hour (2 days) period. If appointment is canceled the day of, you will also be charged half of the service. • Seating is limited so please come to your appointment alone. •No Children allowed •No Call/No Shows will be charged for full amount of the service booked and will not be allowed to book any future appointments ((NO EXCEPTIONS)) *ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!!!
  • Renway Beauty

    12.5 mi 7134 S. Exchange Ave, Chicago, 60649

    Eyebrow Tint

    Eyebrow Tint gives A Shape and a Defined Arch to Eyebrows. This service can darken the Eyebrow and lasts 7-10 Days. I recommend leaving the tint on as long as possible to get the most coverage. This WILL COVER GREY HAIRS IN THE BROW AND CREATE A MORE DEFINED SHAPE. I love this service because you can literally wake up and go! This gives clients an idea of what Microblading /Combo / Ombré will look like before scheduling Permanent Makeup on Eyebrows. Having arched and defined brows compliments your features and gives a polished look.

    $300 OFF — 2 Sessions Lip Blushing/Neutralization

    Lip Blushing/ Lip Neutralization gives a plumper, juicy pink lip without any lip injections. Lip Blushing can: Provide Lip Symmetry Define Cupids Bow Define Borders Brighten Lip Color Color Correct Black Lips ( Smokers Lip) Even Out Discoloration in Lips Color Correction Make Lips Appear Fuller & Plump Enhance Natural Lip Color Have Younger Lips due to Baby Pink Lip Hue Effect once healed LIPS THAT NEED COLOR CORRECTION/ COLOR NEUTRALIZATION NEED AT LEAST 2 SESSIONS TO ACHIEVE DESIRED RESULTS. ONE SESSION TO CORRECT, ONE TO ENHANCE COLOR. Lip heals 50%-60% Lighter to give a Blushed Effect with Even Lip Borders. Overall Results are Based on Retention, Proper Aftercare and Client Health. -MUST NOT BE PREGNANT -NO KELOID PRONE SKIN WITH TATTOO / TRAUMA -NO DIABETICS--MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM DR. **Must get prescription of antiviral VALACYCLOVIR from Doctor before procedures, if you have a history of cold sores or fever blisters on lips. This procedure is a PMU service that causes trauma to the lip area as pigment is deposited into the lip. IF YOU HAVE HAD PREVIOUS COLD SORES OR BUMPS ON LIPS TAKE THE MEDICATION AS THE PROCEDURE MAY CAUSE THOSE SORES TO FLARE UP. ***Must complete 2nd Session in 4-6 weeks. No exceptions. If not completed in 4-6 weeks, must pay difference of retouch price to that time period , to get service completed.

    $250 OFF- 2 Sessions Combo Brows

    Natural & Defined Eyebrows! Realistic hair strokes created & combined with shading of the eyebrows make for Perfect Eyebrows! Great for filling in sparse hairs within the eyebrow to create thicker brows or creating a new eyebrow shape which will enhance features. Combo Eyebrows gives a more youthful and polished appearance combining 2 different permanent makeup techniques. Combo Brows are perfect for all skin types and aftercare will ensure longevity. Lasts up to 1yr- 1yr & half before annual color boost is needed to refresh eyebrow. Eyebrows are numbed prior to procedure with a topical lidocaine, and also intra operative numbing May be applied as needed. Some clients may experience slight discomfort during procedure. RETOUCH IN 4-6 WEEKS IS MANDATORY FOR 1ST TIME COMBO/MICROBLADING &SHADING BROWS. *Includes retouch on healed eyebrows WITHIN 4-6 WEEKS. Must get retouch within timeframe, or pay additional fee. -MUST NOT BE PREGNANT -NO KELOID PRONE SKIN WITH TATTOO / TRAUMA -NO DIABETICS--MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM DR.
  • Saucey Selfcare

    15.3 mi 3428 s king drive, Garden suites, Chicago, 60653

    Brow tint

    Eyebrow color is customized to your skin and hair. This tint last up to 2-5weeks

    Brow Lamination

    The treatment that solved the messy brow issue by creating shape, volume and fullness whilst giving a sleek well kept brow shape for up to 2 months. Our solution contains a protein composition based on liquid keratin and silicone which will encourage brow growth by creating a protective film around the hair. Brow Lamination will help give you a uniform, full eyebrow shape. This is the ultimate solution for eyebrows that do not have symmetry and where the hairs follow a different pattern. With lamination we can realign the brows in a way to which gives your client the desired shape you want and a fuller look.​ Pair this treatment with our world-renowned eyelash and eyebrow tint to give the brow hairs and skin a fuller color.

    Brow Wax & tint

    Eyebrow tinting is the method of upgrading the eyebrows by adding depth, appropriate color and defined shape using the semi-permanent dye. In this method, the brow color is selected (in coordination with hair color plus base brow color), the tint is applied for covering the extra hair and adding deepness to the brow.
  • Mobile service

    Naperville stylish

    24.6 mi 25 S Washington Street, #LL500 IL, Naperville, 60540

    ✨Eyebrow extensions (natural & special )✨

    Eyebrow extensions need to fill every 2,3 weeks and you don’t need to apply any on your eyebrows! Really natural and match with your hair and skin!
    Save up to 50%
    $110.00+ $55.00+
    2h 5min

    Eyebrow extensions fill

    1h 30min

    Natural makeup (women)

    Not over the top at all. Soft contour and highlight, but just enough to accentuate your features, and natural looking lashes. Eyeshadow is usually matte tones of browns and neutrals. If you want to look natural & see a softly enhanced version of yourself this service is for you.
    Save up to 10%
    $125.00 $112.50
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