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Eyebrow trends have greatly evolved since the height of pencil-thin brows during the 1990s—and currently, it’s about quite the opposite. These days, we’re seeing full, fluffy, and sculpted eyebrows on-trend, so it’s all about the definition. With the rise of specialty brow salons and the addition of traditional beauty salons, there’s plenty of options on where to go to get your eyebrows shaped, especially if you’re booking with Booksy. Booksy is the top mobile booking application, that makes your life a whole lot easier by letting you book appointments to all your favorite services from one user-friendly app. You never have to call businesses or use massive search engines again to find local listings in your area, because with Booksy, all the information you need is in one place. What’s the best way to get started? Download the Booksy app to your iOS or Android smartphone! What is eyebrow shaping and how does it work? Eyebrow shaping is a simple service that can completely change the appearance of your eyebrows! Shaping is a general term that involves not only perfecting the brows to your desired shape but also removing the stray hairs around them. There are actually a few different methods that can be used to shape eyebrows including shaving, tweezing, waxing, and threading—take a glance below at our brief overview of each shaping service. TWEEZING Though it’s frequently used as a DIY at-home brow maintenance method, some businesses do offer tweezing as a stand-alone eyebrow shaping service. Tweezing is relatively straightforward, using a tweezer, your technician will pluck unruly hairs from beyond your browline to achieve the perfect shape. WAXING Unlike tweezing, which only removes one to a few single hairs at a time, waxing immediately removes larger strips of hair at once, making it especially perfect for those who have naturally thick eyebrows. With waxing, warm wax is applied to the desired areas and subsequently ripped off, opposite to the direction of your hair growth to ensure a smooth finish. THREADING Eyebrow threading won’t take off as much hair at a time as waxing, but it does allow for the removal of multiple hairs at a time too. Besides that, threading can give your brow specialist the utmost precision, making it a crowd favorite when it comes to achieving the ultimate shape and definition. This process involves the removal of hair through the use of a twisted, cotton string. SHAVING Though all brow shaping methods are unisex, brow shaping via shaving is a service that is most commonly found in barbershops. Shaving is one of the fastest brow shaping methods that a trained professional will be able to achieve in just moments with a high-quality razor blade. Unlike the previously listed shaping methods, shaving is the least long-lasting, since the hair isn’t being removed by the root as with other methods, but it does leave a clean finish.  How do I choose the best eyebrow shaping treatment in Dallas?  Eyebrow shaping in Dallas is just a few clicks away! Launch the Booksy application or visit booksy.com on your preferred web browser to explore some of the city’s top brow shaping treatments. To begin your hunt, use our search engine bar to view listings from around the Dallas area and read trustworthy client reviews associated with them. Here, you’ll also be able to make use of the “Sort by” feature, which will instantly arrange your listings by one of two options. How much does eyebrow shaping cost? The price of an eyebrow shaping service can vary since a few different factors can determine the price. Where you’re located, what business you book with, and which type of shaping method you choose can all have an effect on the cost of your treatment. But with Booksy, there’s no issue with locating pricing, since each price is displayed directly next to the respective service. Eyebrow shaping near me Your nearby options for eyebrow shaping treatments in Dallas are right in the palm of your hand with the Booksy mobile app. There, you can use the search engine bar to enter information about your search into the required fields. All you need to disclose is the service you want to book (eyebrow shaping), where you’re located (Dallas, Texas), and a timeslot for your appointment (you get to choose!). Additionally, you can use the “Filters and Localization” button to search by zip code or the “Map View” button to see your options, on a map.   Articles Is Eyebrow Lamination Worth The Hype Henna For Eyelashes and Eyebrows The Rundown On Brow Threading The Best Ways To Get Long Lashes Eyebrow maintenance 101 Tips for Getting Thicker Brows Eyelash Loss: Is It A Serious Problem? 5 Reasons To Get Volume Lashes Right Now