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Having a routine skincare regimen is extremely important in order to keep your skin looking its best. However, no matter how much at-home skincare you do, it’s never a bad idea to give your face a major refresh every so often by booking a facial. And to do so, you don’t even have to hit the web or the yellow pages—you can simply download the Booksy app to schedule an appointment for a facial in New York City. Our platform, Booksy, is designed to be focused on the user, aiming to provide you with the best, easiest, and most convenient appointment scheduling process you’ve ever experienced. With one easy-to-use tool, you’ll be able to book appointments to local health, beauty, and wellness services in a flash. Get going by downloading Booksy from your iOS or Android app store for free! What is a facial and how does it work? As we mentioned previously, at-home skincare routines can only do so much. So, whether you have a specific skin problem that just won’t seem to budge, or you feel like your complexion could use a boost, it’s never a bad idea to turn to a professional and schedule a facial. But what exactly is a facial? It’s essentially a multi-step skin treatment that typically includes elements of cleansing, exfoliation, and nourishing the skin. Not all facials are the same, they can be tailored to your needs and to targeting specific problems. However, they do typically all include some combination of the standard facial techniques and processes. When you arrive for your facial, you’ll usually start with a consultation with your specialist—this can be a beautician, cosmetologist, esthetician, or dermatologist. Following your consultation, your specialist will determine exactly what type of treatment to perform on your skin. Treatments usually begin with a thorough cleanse, then can follow with elements such as steam, exfoliation, extraction, facial massages, facial masks, and application of serums or moisturizers. In the end, you’ll leave with your face feeling radiant and rejuvenated because of the facial’s deeply cleansing nature. Getting a facial can help improve circulation in the skin, treat acne, eliminate blackheads, tighten your skin, and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The best part is, the process itself is relaxing as well—helping not just improve the appearance of your skin, but also reduce stress.  How do I choose the best facial treatment in New York City?  Ever wondered how to use the Booksy app in order to find the best facial treatment in New York City? We’ll tell you how! First, you’ll want to start a search with Booksy’s search engine bar by inputting your personal details and information into the search fields. When you’ve completed the fields, your results will appear below. From there feel free to check out any listings that appear relevant or interesting to you. By clicking on a given listing, you can read their reviews and see more information about the business. You can also use the “Sort by” feature as a helpful tool that allows you to instantly arrange listings by “Top Reviewed” or “Recommended by Booksy”. How much does a facial cost? Depending on where you go and exactly what type of facial you get, the price will vary. It typically costs anywhere from around $35 to $50 for a standard facial, however, this price is also subject to change with the addition of certain add-ons for treatments. In any case, when you search on Booksy, you can always view pricing reflected next to each service. Facials near me Discover neighborhood businesses without ever leaving your living room! Launch the Booksy mobile app to start your search for “facials near me”—just complete the fields in Booksy’s search engine bar. Make sure you include all the necessary info including what service you’d like to arrange an appointment for (facial), where you are currently located (New York City), and a preferred appointment timeframe. Then, all that’s left to do is make a selection and book! But if you still want to narrow down your results, try using the “Filters and Localization” as well as the “Map View” tools.